It is not a real story, as most of you know that I am a nurse aid.

Voices in the dark of my garden by Ann Wood

I am in my bed and ready to go sleep, good night my family and friends,
sweet dreams all may God bless you all.
It is one cold winter night and everyone is in bed.
Flames burn in the fireplace and quiet music is carried by the radio in the kitchen.
I hear stuffy footsteps outside the courtyard and muffled voices about some controversy in the dark.
I try to fall asleep, but the voices get stronger and I hear some fall to the ground.
I get up and go to the window to see what is going on in the dark of the block near my house.
My house shares a wall with the building next to it and everything can be heard.
I looked at the two figures, I took my coat and went out to see
if the person who had fallen was not injured, I kept my phone in my pockets and
the panic alarm I had if I was in danger.
The woman lay on the ground and the man shouted something,
but I did not understand what he was saying.
I told him to back away and let me see if the woman was injured by the fall.
He shouted at me and began to insult me,
I told him as calmly leave or I would call the police to come and arrest him go for disturbing the peace.
I helped the woman get up and asked her if she could go and where she lived?!
She said her left leg hurt when trying to get up,
I pulled out my phone and called an ambulance to send
an ambulance, I gave my address and phone number and my names to the operator can contact me back if it is needed.
The ambulance came in ten minutes and paramedics took care of the woman
for injuries and possible break-ins.
The paramedics put the woman in the ambulance for additional check-ups and after twenty minutes they said they should urgently take her to a nearby hospital.
I took my car keys and walked down the ambulance,
not wanting to leave the poor woman alone at such a difficult time for her.
The man had left shortly before the ambulance arrived.
At the hospital, it became clear that the woman had broken her hip and one arm and hit her head during the attack as well.
Doctors performed blood tests, x-rays and a scan of the woman's entire body and prepared her for surgery.
I stayed up all night until the surgery was over and the woman came out of anesthesia.
The doctors told me that if I did not call in time, the woman could have died from internal brain pressure and bleeding.
The woman had very high blood pressure which was also the reason
for the fall plus that there was ice on the ground.
I asked the doctors to let me in the recovery room where the woman is and can see her, and if I could stay with her, look after her,
since I work in the same hospital but in another ward.
I also learned from the victim's documents that she had
recently moved to live in the residential building near my house.
They let me in and thanked me for the help
and that they needed an experienced nurse
since they were short staff, several nurses did not come to work,
because of the weather that night.
When I entered, the woman had just come out of anesthesia and asked me
what my name is and said that her name was Alex.
I said my name was Leila and that I'm glad to meet her.
She asked me what made me go out and go to the garden to see
what was going on there, and that the man who was there
was her ex-husband who was waiting for her to return from work in the dark in the backyard of a residential building.
From the conversation with Alex, I found out she was a nurse, but at another hospital.
I told Alex that at the moment she needed to rest, that I would take care of her until she was completely well.
She cried and thanked me for my kindness and concern for her.
I hugged her gently and asked her not to cry, and that
I would do the same for every other person.
I also wished her a good night and that if she needed anything she would just tell me.
She thanked me again and immediately went to sleep.
I asked the nurse on duty to stay with Alex for a few minutes while I went to change my work clothes and grab some coffee, water and something to eat from the 24-hour corner store to the hospital.
She smiled at me and said she was standing with Alex and asked me if I could get her coffee and a sandwich, too.
I went to my car and got the work clothes that I kept there for emergencies like this.
Then I changed clothes and ran to the store to get everything I needed for Alex and coffee, water and sandwiches for me and the nurse.
I went to the hospital with the purchases and went back to Alex, she was asleep but she was restless in her sleep.
I handed over the nurse's coffee and sandwich and a chocolate bar. She thanked me and started eating.
I sat down in a chair by Alex's bed and sipped my coffee and started eating too.
I had left Alex's luggage in my car for the night.
It was a long night, Alex waking up to sleep and crying quietly in her sleep.
She sleeps soundly until ten in the morning but had nightmares.
When she woke up she was a little disoriented and asked me where she was and what happened to her?
I also said that we were in Victoria Emergency Hospital and that she had an accident.
Also left leg hip and right arm surgery, also internal brain pressure and bleeding in the stomach from a perforated ulcer.
She cried and told me she remembered almost nothing from last night.
I reassured her and asked her if she wanted something to drink and if it hurt somewhere?
She said she had a headache and that movement in bed feels slight discomfort.
I called the doctor on duty to examine her and measured her blood pressure.
The doctor came and examined her, started new blood tests and made a cardiogram because her blood pressure and pulse were high.
He also prescribed some painkillers for pain and blood pressure medicine.
After giving the medication, Alex went back to sleep.
I was inseparable to her throughout and staying in the hospital until she was discharged. While she was renting, I offered to come and live with me in my home, which is too big for me after my husband left me a while ago.
She accepted my invitation and came to live with me. She became my integral friend and we lived together.
Alex stayed out of work for a long time until she fully recovered from the accident.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-02-28 at 03:34

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
No need to be sorry my dear Jim.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I'm sorry, Ann. I know this is a story, and not about you!

Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
How I say it is not real life story and Laila is not me, but thank you Jim I may write more about them.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I like this sad story with a happy ending. Maybe you could keep writing about you and Alex and your friendship. I want to know what happens next.


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