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1. Voices in the dark of my garden by Ann Wood
2. What happened to Alex and Leila after the accident in the garden by Ann Wood
3. The wedding day of Leila and Alex`s by Ann Wood
4. The honeymoon of Leila and Alex`s by Ann Wood
5. The twins were born on January 17th by Ann Wood
6. Leila and Alex take twins and Michelle on vacation around Canada by Ann Wood
7. The stay of three young women and twins in Edmonton by Ann Wood
8. Their time in Winnipeg by Ann Wood
9. Their stay in Toronto and the big win by Ann Wood
10. New beginning for Alex and Leila and their family by Ann Wood
11. Terrain view of Leila and Alex's first Nursing Home and private hospital by Ann Wood
12. First digs for construction of the hospital and the Nursing Home by Ann Wood
13. Mario's adoption day by Leila and Alex and his parents' funeral by Ann Wood
14. Mario's birthday party and new child coming for foster care by Ann Wood
15. The day of adoption of little Lillian and her birthday by Ann Wood
16. Officially revealed at the new hospital, nursing home and guest house by Ann Wood
17. Leila take the family for road trip around the country side by Ann Wood
18. They back home after their road trip around the country side by Ann Wood
19. The day of Margaret birthday and the weekend after it by Ann Wood
20. The day of Natasha and Tony's adoption case and the weekend after that by Ann Wood

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
Poetry by
Ann Wood

It is a story about two young ladies, who meet each other one night after one of them have a bad accident.

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