Leila take the family for road trip around the country side by Ann Wood

Leila decides to take the whole family on a few day's trips around the country with an RV home. They loaded the refrigerators with food, furnished a room for Mario and Lillian, and left on Monday morning for a ride. The kids were very excited about living in the RV home. The weather is excellent, and the children enjoy the beautiful view. The twins are sitting in the car seats and also enjoy the trip. They also took Margaret with them to watch the children while the other three women work online.
Margaret and Michelle will share a room while traveling. They decided to drive without direction where the road took them. They had enough food and fuel for a few days. They put five twenty-liter cans of fuel, and two more full bottles of gas for cooking in the trunk. This time, they have, in addition to a large freezer and a small freezer, since they already have eight people on board. They also took two fifty liter tubes of drinking water, two more with water for washing dishes and hands.
Alex had made breakfast before they left, also a light lunch so they wouldn't have to cook while traveling during the day today. They had breakfast on the trip because when they left, it was too early for breakfast. She had made bacon sandwiches, sausages, eggs, and burgers, and put them in a thermal box to keep warm. She had also made two large thermoses of coffee and tea and one small with warm milk for the twins.
Leila was sitting behind the wheel while the other two women were working in the office, and Margaret was with the children in the living room watching television. There were excellent views along with them, and Leila was enjoying them. At twelve, they stopped for a short break to dine on a potato salad and leftover sausages, burgers, and bacon. And for the kids, there were French fries with cheese. And for dessert, they had a fruit salad and cream. They drank homemade lemonade until lunchtime.
After lunch, Alex sat behind the wheel, and Leila went to bed, so she was tired of the long ride. Michele sat down at the passenger seat to run Alex's company while Margaret looked after the children. An hour later, Leila got up and went to the children's room and Margaret's. She poured herself a coffee and dropped her laptop to look at the emails. By six, they decided to stop overnight in a bus and dash parking lot where there were also small restaurants. They recovered and decided to order food from Maggie. They ordered chicken pop pie, salad, grilled ribs and steaks with mashed potatoes, and stewed vegetables. The kids ordered chicken nuggets with potatoes and homemade cookies and ice cream.
They dined at the RV and played monopolies after dinner. At eight, they put the kids to sleep, and they watched Netflix movies. They went to bed at twelve.
The next morning they slept late. The whole family had breakfast at Maggie's with bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, fries, and beans, and there were pancakes with maple syrup for the kids. At ten o'clock, they went on their way again. Leila sat behind the wheel and Alex at the passenger seat, Michell, Margaret and the children in the passenger lounge watched a children's movie. Maggie had prepared lunch, fried chicken, oven fries, salad, and apple pie. They set off again on Canadian roads. At two o'clock they had lunch, stopped by the side of the way. Then Alex got behind the wheel, and Leila sat in the passenger seat. They decided to drive to the next large parking lot where they would stay overnight. The children fell asleep after eating, and the two young women chose to watch the cooking show on one of the cooking channels. At seven, they reached the parking lot where they would stay overnight. Leila prepared a pizza for dinner and a salad and made fish meatballs with potato waffles for the children, and she pulled jelly out of the fridge for dessert. They ate dinner at nine and then watched television. When they went to bed at twelve, the children had long been asleep.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood