I decided to surprise you with the continuation of the story of Leila and Alex. In addition to this chapter, there will be at least two more chapters.

The wedding day of Leila and Alex`s by Ann Wood

It is a few days before Leila and Alex's wedding day. They are busy preparing for the wedding, decorating the guest house by the sea where the wedding will be.
The house is large and with a huge garden that descends to the beach. The weather is good for the season, and they decide that the party will be in the garden.
They pitched three tents at the lower end of the garden which is close to the shore on the beach.
Alex and Leila make arrangements for the guest tables, the official table, and the cake and dessert table. In the second tent will be the orchestra and dance floor and in the third, there will be a barbecue and a catering kitchen.
They ordered decorations for the yard, lights and lots of flowers. They go to try cakes and food from catering, wine, and other alcohol. Engage a photographer and team to capture the wedding and ceremony. And in the meantime, they also go to the gym to keep their forms normal.
On the evening before the wedding, several bridesmaids and co-workers, of the brides decide to have a party night for them. They agree to get together at one of their homes and order food and music with DJ and dancers.
It is set to be a very hectic week before Leila and Alex's big day. Leila's father has ordered a limo that will take them from their townhouse and drive to the guest house by the sea. Which are two hours from the city and for the guests ordered a luxury bus?
Today, Alex and Leila will go to get their dresses and shoes from the boutique where they ordered them. Also the dresses and the shoes for the bridesmaids and the two witnesses of the wedding. Also for the bouquets for both brides and their bridesmaids.
All their colleagues and girlfriends attended the girls' party. They gave them everything they needed for a young family. Alex and Leila are considering moving into a larger home with a large garden and two garages and a swimming pool, also a playground for their children. They are in the process of adopting a pair of twins who will be born a week after they return from their honeymoon.
The mother of the twins is a young girl who was raped by her ex-boyfriend. The girl's parents do not agree to keep her children as she is too young and still a student. The girl was admitted to the hospital for observation as she has a severe pregnancy and is a diabetic at birth.
This is the other reason parents want to give twins for adoption. Alex works as a midwife and nurse at St. Anna's Hospital. When she finds out about the case of the young mother, she wants to see her and her parents and tell them that she wants to adopt the twins after they are born. Alex calls Leila to get to work and there is a surprise for her.
Leila was very pleased with the idea of adopting twins after they were born. Alex's father is a family lawyer who will prepare the adoption contract. The young girl has only one condition that she wants the children to know who their biological mother is, and to be able to see them once a week in Alex and Leila's presence, of course.
Here's to Leila and Alex's big day, they have a shower together and get ready for the wedding. The weather is warm for the season and they make it so throughout the day. The two of them have a light breakfast of pancakes and juice and fruits. As they finish their breakfast, the two change into their wedding dress. At nine o'clock, the hairdressers, manicurists and makeup artists arrive, to help them with their hairstyles and makeup. At ten-thirty, the limo arrives and the bus with the guests to takes them.
Since it is Thanksgiving is not a lot of traffic on the road, they hit the house by the beach on time.
In front of the house, the catering staff, the photographer and the video camera crew, the orchestra and the DJ are waiting for them. Shortly after they arrive, the priest and the woman from the registry office will be in charge of the civil marriage first, and then they will have a church marriage as well.
The orchestra starts playing the wedding march, and the candles stand on their feet, waiting for the two brides to reach the altar. The registry clerk opens the ceremony with a small speech to welcome guests and what they have gathered for today. She wished them a happy Thanksgiving day and opened the ceremony.
Dear guests and family, today we have gathered to bring these two young women together in the sacred union of marriage. In my role, as an officer of the law of this state, I will lead the marriage ceremony. Now I will first ask Alex Smith Jones whether you take Leila Mark Davis as your legal wife. To love and respect her in good and bad times, in health and illness, in joy and sorrow, in wealth and poverty until your death separates? Alex says that I will be beside her until death does us part.
And now I'm going to ask Leila Mark Davis, did you get Alex Smith Jones for your legal wife? To love and respect her in good and bad times, in health and illness, in joy and sorrow, in wealth and poverty until your death separates? Leila says that I will be beside her until death does us part.
And now you can exchange wedding rings with each other. In the name of the law of this state, I pronounce you wife and wife, congratulations, you can now kiss.
As the wine foams in the glasses, so does your love for each other. This year brides, and next year swings with babies.
Cheers and bitter for Alex and Leila who married today. And now I give the word to the priest to begin the church ceremony.
I am Father Michael and I represent our church and God. Today, I bless our children of God Alex and Leila as they celebrate their wedding. They asked me to press today and give honor to their marriage. Let us all pray for their family happiness. Let the wedding party begin now and for many summers dear family.
The orchestra starts playing the Moon Sonata at the request of the young couple.
Catering staff serves entrees and salads to guests. The menu is rich and there is a great choice of food. Traditionally, for Thanksgiving day, there are stuffed turkeys, mixed BBQ meat and fish. For toppings, there are fries, risotto, and stewed and roasted vegetables. There is also a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and wines and champagne for a toast later.
The music is played and after the festive lunch is over DJ will take the party. Everyone is in a great mood and the party goes on all night. Finally, Alex and Leila cut the cake and they all get the cake and desserts for their health and happiness.
At dawn, the guests leave and a young family gets tired to rest and prepare for their wedding trip.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood