Their stay in Toronto and the big win by Ann Wood

They arrive late that evening in Toronto and park in the car park for buses and RV homes. They have dinner and go early to bed because the next morning they have to go and have an interview for their big lottery win. Alex goes to get ready for the twins for bed and bath them. She starts to talk to them and singing them a baby's songs. When Alex puts the twins, she goes back to the living room and starts talking with the other two women. Girls, what you want to do with the money from the lottery? Leila says that she wants to put three million in the bank for both twins accounts she will open for them, with the rest of the money she wants to open small agency for foster care and nursing staff. Michelle and Alex accepted her decision with admiration and endorsed her idea of an agency. Michelle asks them if they want a cup of tea or a glass of wine before they go to bed. Alex says wine, please, and Leila says for me too, please, Michelle. Michelle brings a bottle with wine and three glasses and sits on the sofa next to them. She poured wine into the three glasses and raise her glass for a toasted, saying for us and our new beginning. The other two women raised their glasses and drank wine as well. After they finish their wine, they go to bed and wish each other goodnight.
It is early the next morning, and everybody is still asleep when the phone ring. Laila answers it from her bedroom. It was her mom who called to wish them good luck with the interview. Leila says thank you, mom, but it just has past five in the morning, and everybody is in bed asleep. Her mom apologizes and says goodnight, Leila I love you, sweetheart. Around nine o'clock, they get ready to go out to the lottery office where they will give an interview to the journalists and get their a check for six and a half million. Before they went for the test, they donned their newest dresses and received communions, tuned the twins, and went to television for their interview and the $ 6.5 million check ceremony. Everyone was anxious and tense before the meeting.
Leila enters the studio first, followed by Alex and Michele with the twins. The host greeted them warmly and greeted them with a welcome and happy victory. The presenter began to lead the show with the words: '' Good evening dear viewers, you are watching the national state lottery on channel five on national television. Next to me are the winner Leila and her family, let's applaud them for the big win. Hi Leila, what was your reaction when you found out that you won such a big lottery win?"
Leila says good evening to you too, and thanks, it is an unforgettable feeling to earn such a large sum. My family and I are grateful to you for the happiness you have given us. Leila, did you decide what to do with the money you received from the lottery? Leila replies: yes we decided to split the dough in two between our twin's babies, and leaving 500,000 behind us to open a small foster and nursing care agency. This is a very smart and noble decision, I admire you for thinking of others first and then for yourself. Is there anything else you can tell our viewers and the audience in the studio? Leila said; Be consistent and one day you may be in my place here at the National Lottery Studio. And to you and your team, I want to thank you once again for the hospitality and the reward you have given us, this money is for the future of our children and our new careers. Leading handed them the check and wished them a good time and to meet again, I hope that you will once again earn a large amount of our game. They shook hands and then the three women and twins left the studio.
Outside, journalists were waiting for them to shoot and interview them. Leila told them a lot of apologies but I would ask you to leave us alone and without any photos and left with her family.
After arriving, they decided it was not wise to stay in Toronto and go to Niagara Falls where they would stay for two to three days. Leila sat in the driver's seat and started the engine, and they headed for Niagara Falls. Along the way, they stopped in a small town and Leila went to the bank and opened two accounts in the name of the twins and put in three million each, and in the third account she opened to put the rest of the money and they went on their way again. But before they left, she went to the local magistrate and asked him to registers an agency in their name. She decides to name the agency" The Guardian Angels", she signs the documents and pays the judge for the work he was done.
When she returns to the others, she tells them what she has done, and they congratulate her on her noble and deed, and they go on their way again. By noon, they stopped at a gas station to refuel and have lunch. They ate and talked lively about their lucky luck and their new venture. Leila burst into tears of joy and cheered for the new beginning and let us be alive and well so that we can fulfill our new cause. Alex also raised a toast for the new life that awaited them and the future of the twins too. Mitchell said cheers and will drink for our new beginning.
The kids were asleep after eating and they were on their way again, the music was heard on the radio and everyone was in a great mood. They talked all the time and laughed at their jokes they told each other. Overnight, they reached Niagara Falls and parked in a clearing next to it. They lit a campfire and made roast meat on the fire and roasted whole potatoes as a joke afterward. They ate under the stars and listened to music. After dinner, Alex pulled out her guitar and played love ballads. At twelve, they put out the fire and went to bed. They were very tired, but also very happy about what happened that day. They slept peacefully all night long, until the morning. When they awoke, they saw that it was raining outside, rain. They had breakfast and went to work. Leila started working on the advertising site for their new company, and Alex completed the site for the hospital where she worked. Michele sat down to write her essay on the history of the great Russian October Revolution. When they awoke, they saw that it was raining outside, rain. They had breakfast and went to work. Leila started working on the advertising site for their new company, and Alex completed the site for the hospital where she worked. Michell sat down to write his essay on the history of the great October Revolution. When the rain stops, they go out to take pictures of the waterfall and the beautiful nature around. For lunch, they make sandwiches and have a picnic at the waterfall. Then Leila asks them if they want to swim in the waters of the waterfall? They accept the proposal and head for the waterfall to bathe in it and swim. After they got out of the water, they went inside to cook something for dinner. They had dinner and then sat down to play monopoly and listen to music. Then they made a movie on Youtube.
At one o'clock after midnight, they went to bed. Alex woke up first and got up to make breakfast and check his email. The other two women got up and went to her in the kitchen. They have their breakfast and go to check on the twins and get them dressed. Today, they plan to return to British Columbia and begin recruiting staff for the agency. They travel for a week stopping at different places every night. When they get home, they take the RV van to the car wash to wash it and then park it in the back yard of their house. On Monday, they start working hard at the agency, interviewing Foster Carers and nurses, midwives and doctors for their agency. For starters, they plan to work with ten foster families and one hundred and fifty medical staff.
The end of July is already over, and they decide to officially start working for the agency on September 1st. They want a month to rest from a long trip around the country.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood