The twins were born on January 17th by Ann Wood

Days before the twins were born, Alex and Leila were busy preparing for and visiting the hospital with the mother of their future children. Young expectant mother looks on the verge of strength. Everyone is worried about her and the twins. Alex and Leila make final preparations for the completion of the house. They bought diapers, milk, creams, shampoos, oils, and wet baby wipes. Sets of baby clothes and suits for the discharge of twins from the hospital. The house is full of workers, close relatives, and friends of the young family. Everyone is very excited and worried about the young mother who is not feeling well these days. The house was finished on January 15th, the day before Leila's birthday, and two days before the twin birth date. Alex decides to surprise Leila for her birthday by setting up a party in her honor. She ordered catering from the same company that they used for their wedding. She had chosen a gorgeous three-story cake with purple, pink and blue butterflies and flowers, and a baby swing with twins boy and girl were made on top.
She had invited the orchestra and DJ from the wedding, as well as the photographer and the video operator. On the evening of the sixteenth, Leila goes home, surprised that the house is completely dark and full of cars in front of the house. She enters carefully looking around when suddenly the whole house is flooded with light and everyone calls out a surprise happy birthday dear Leila.
The orchestra plays a happy birthday for you and everyone sings the song together. They sit down at the table and the festive dinner begins with appetizers and salads, and light drinks. The main dishes were three, mussel soup with mashed potatoes, roasted lamb in an oven stuffed with rice, mixed grill with roasted potatoes and vegetable vine and cabbage sarma. After dinner, Leila blew the candles on the cake and then cut it and the candles were eaten. Then DJ opened the blues dance. Alex invited Leila for the first dance and then everyone joined in on the dance floor.
The fun continued until early in the morning on the seventeenth when the last guests left, Leila and Alex left the cleaning company to clean the house and they went to the hospital. The twins were born an hour later after their arrival. The little one was born first and half an hour later the little princess. Everyone is very happy about the birth of the twins. The young mother feels exhausted from the long birth. But she's happy that they were born normally. The midwife also delivered the twins, and she kissed them tenderly and said that she loved them very much and would always be a part of their lives, though she would not be with them all the time, and that they would have not one but three loving mothers. A week after the twins were born, they were ready to go home with their new parents. Their biological mother will stay at Leila's and Alex's home as long as she can breastfeed them, she decides that this will be best for the twins, the mother's breastfeeding. Leila and Alex accept the proposal with great joy. They prepare the room next to the children's room and theirs is next to it. This will allow them to keep watch on changing diapers and bathing of the twins.
The three young women live happily together in the name of the twins and their health. They help each other, Leila goes to work night shifts to help young Michelle during the day, and Alex will only work day shifts to stay home with the twins and Michelle. Their parents also actively help raise the twins, one grandmother cooks, the other goes shopping, the third manages the garden or looks after the children. Alternate who stay with the young to help them at night. Time is flying and the twins are now a month and twelve days old. They are becoming more fun and sweet. And their love for one another is indescribable. They are constantly searching and do not want to sleep individually. Because of this obstacle, Leila and Alex take a double bed for them, and the arcs two use to order them plush toys.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood