And here's how the two young women spend their honeymoon.

The honeymoon of Leila and Alex`s by Ann Wood

Alex and Leila plan to have their honeymoon from November 1st to January 1st. They plan to tour the world and visit as many countries as possible. Their first stop will be Las Vegas, where they will stay for three days. From there, they go to California for another three days. From there they fly to Australia, where they will stay for a week. Their next stop will be New Zealand where they will stay for a week. From there, they will fly to China, where they will be for five days. Then they travel to Thailand for three days. Then to Vietnam in two days. One week in Japan. They will then fly to Norway and stay there for three days. From there, they will fly to Austria for two days. Three days to Holland. Two days in Denmark. Three days to Germany. Three days in Italy. Three more days in Spain. Two days in England, two days in Scotland, one day in Wales and one day in Ireland. On the second of January, they will return and have to finish the twin room.
In Las Vegas, they plan to go to a casino one night and go around the city's shops and museums during the day. The next night, they will go to the theater, the evening before they go to California, they plan to go to the opera. And during the day they would go around the city. In California, they plan to tour museums and visit their friends. One night they will go to the movies, the second they will have ballet tickets and the last night they will go to a Latin dance lesson. During the day, besides touring museums, they plan to shop for the twins. As they fly with Leila's father's private jet, they do not worry that they will have excess luggage. As they fly with Leila's father's private jet, they do not worry that they will have excess luggage. In Australia, they will visit Canberra, Sydney, and Queensland. They will tour sightseeing and museums, shopping malls, boutiques, luxury restaurants, and golden beaches. In New Zealand they will visit; Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Manukau, and Whitaker. In addition to shopping, museums, and beaches, they plan to go swimming with dolphins in the bay. They also plan to dive for pearl mussels and corals. Also, skydive and hang glider. In China, they plan to visit Macau, Beijing, Xi'an, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. They will explore Buddhist temples, museums markets, and restaurants. They plan to take a Confu and Karate lesson and other martial arts. They will go to Chinese ballet and theater too.
In Thailand, they will visit Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. They plan to visit museums, art galleries, and enjoy Thai cuisine. Boat trips and market tours.
They both love photography and plan to take many pictures of the places they will visit. They will also go fishing with their friend Mario, whom they meet in China. In Vietnam, they will visit Hanoi, visit local museums, restaurants, and cultural sites.
In Japan, they will visit Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. They will take a lesson in Japanese flower arranging, visit museums and Japanese Buddhist temples. Tea ceremony and the famous Japanese flower gardens. Also a lesson in making sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.
In Norway, they will visit Oslo, Bergen, and Rhine. They will visit museums, art galleries, shops and hiking in the woods. They will enjoy the nice Norwegian cuisine and traditions.
In Austria, they will stay and visit Vienna, go to a concert at the Vienna Philharmonic, theater, museums, cinema, shopping and taste the country's magnificent cuisine. They will take a carriage ride around Vienna.
In the Netherlands, they will visit Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. They will visit museums, art galleries, The Hague court, shopping malls, the famous garden with Dutch tulips. There, they meet another young gay couple. Walking them around Rotterdam and inviting them to their home for dinner. In Denmark, they stay in Copenhagen and Aarhus. You will enjoy photography and visits to museums, shopping, and nightclubs. In German, they will meet with Alex's brother who is there in the conference of ecology and health. They will stay in Berlin with him for three days. While he is at the conference they will tour museums and art galleries. They will then fly to Rome for three days and visit the Vatican, museums and other landmarks, art galleries and opera, theater and ballet performances.
In Spain, they will visit Madrid and Barcelona. You will enjoy nice beaches, food, music, museum art galleries.
While in London they will hop to Paris for lunch and climb the Eiffel Tower. And in London, they will tour museums, art galleries, the London Bridge, and the London Wheel. They will sail on the Thames and go to the theater and opera. They will visit the palace in Windsor and Lego Land.
In Wales, they will visit museums and old castles. They will take photos and stay in Cardiff at the most luxurious hotel in the city. In Scotland, they will visit, museums and old castles, art galleries. They will visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Their last stop before returning home to Canada is the young spouses will visit Ireland. They will stay there in Belfast. They will tour the city's museums and landmarks and taste delicious Irish cuisine. They will stay in an old castle there.
When they move to Canada in their home town of Vancouver, they begin renovating their new house and a twin room. They paint the room in baby blue and baby pink, as the twins will be a boy and a girl. They fit the cots, the nursery sections and all the necessary things for the babies. They furnish the house in the latest fashion, with air conditioning, fireplace, huge kitchen with all amenities. The house has ten bedrooms, four large living rooms, each bedroom has a bathroom and toilet. Also a large dining room, games room, and cinema room. Also a fitness room and sauna. Indoor and outdoor pool.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood