Officially revealed at the new hospital, nursing home and guest house by Ann Wood

The first of December is, and today will be the official opening of the hospital, the nursing house, the guest house and the restaurant to them. Everyone got up early and dressed officially for the event. The family has breakfast and lively talk about the ceremony. By nine, everyone got on the car and headed to the hospital. Margaret will stay with the children at home while the others are busy. The opening will be by the Mayor, the Health and Social Minister, as well as other official guests, and all employees of the Agency will also participate. The first patients and residents admitted today. The catering company has arrived and arranges the buffet with food and drinks, the champagne for the opening and the toast is getting cold. Everywhere is decorated with flowers, balloons, posters, and ribbons for the opening cut. Music was pouring everywhere, and guests were coming. Alex opened the ceremony with welcome guests, colleagues, and patients, and today we are gathering to open our doors to our patients.
Leila also gave a speech; I want to thank everyone for the hard work and the speedy completion of the project. St. Mary's opened its patents, and St. Antonio Nursing Home will welcome its first residents, and St. Anastasia's Guest House will welcome its first guests today. Once opened, our world-class restaurant will treat us to the great food we offer.
After Laila finished her speech, the word takes the Mayor, who thanked him for the invitation, and congratulations on his excellent work, and on his way to success, he then cut the ribbons. After that, health and social ministers also gave a thank-you note. The priest lit all the health facilities and the restaurant to the guest house.
After the opening, everyone went to the buffets for meals and drinks. After everyone finishes eating, they went to see the hospital, the Nursing House, and the guest house. The first patients and residents accommodated in their rooms. The guests left, and the staff went to work. The administration completed the hospital admissions sheets and documents for the residents of the horsing home. The family came home, and all had dinner together in the guest dining room.
After dinner, everyone went to the library for a drink and played monopolies. At ten, they went to the living room to watch the news and some Netflix movie. They went to bed very late after midnight. Thus, the day of the opening of St. Mary's Hospital passed, which was also aired on national television and radio, as well as in local newspapers and the hospital's website.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-04-08 at 14:03

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