They back home after their road trip around the country side by Ann Wood

After two weeks of their road trip around the country side, they get home for Margaret birthday. They all are happy that they are back home. They enjoyed their trip and soon they will go for other road trip. Before they go again on the road trip they have to do few meetings with the agency workers, the staff from the nursing home and the hospital staff about some changes they will do. Also to update their website and the moto of their organisation.
It is about ten in the morning and Alex is driving and the rest of the family is in the play room playing games and chatting. Mario is playing music on his harmonica and dancing around the room. He call Leila mommy when we go back home can I go and play in the garden please I will be a good boy mommy. Leila smiles at him and says yes sweetie, but it will be late tonight, you can go out in the garden tomorrow morning after breakfast, is this ok with you sweetie? Yay yes mommy thank you. Than he go back to the table and start colouring pictures from his colouring book. Around two o'clock they stop for lunch and to have some rest, it is raining and stormy today. They have salad with burgers and chips, for pudding they will have Victorian cake with ice cream. For the twins they have chicken soup and fish pie and yogurt. After lunch they clean the kitchen and start their journey again. This time Leila is driving and Alex take a nap with the twins. Michelle, Margaret and other two kids watching a movie on YouTube TV. It was after nine o'clock when they get at home. They park the RV in the garage and have take way dinner from the Italian restaurant near their home. After dinner Margaret and Michelle showered the kids and get them ready for bed. Alex and Leila are checking the post from the time they were away. When other two young women join them they watch a movie on Netflix. Around midnight they go to bed. It was still raining and stormy during the night. Next day on the morning Margaret get up early to can call her family back home in UK. After the call she go to her room and check her email. She answer on some and go back to bed. When she wake up it was still raining outside. She get dressed and go to have breakfast in the kitchen. She make cup of coffee and sandwich with ham and cheese on the grill. The rest was already have their breakfast and was sitting in the living room watching the news. Today they will working from home and will get food shopping online. Mario is playing in the play room with other kids and Margaret. This weekend they will have party for Margaret birthday. For lunch they cook roast lamb and vegetables with green salad, garlic bread and home made chicken soup, also cheese cake for pudding. At the afternoon the rain was stop and all go out in the garden to peek some fresh vegetables and fruits for their dinner. The kids was happy to be in the garden and playing outdoor games. Around six o'clock they get back in the house and Leila start to cook the dinner. She make Shopska salad, grilled chicken with roasted potatoes and vegetables. At half past seven they have the dinner in the garden. After dinner they play party games and chatting. Around ten o'clock the kids go to bed and adults was watching telly. They go to bed after midnight. It is start raining again and they close all windows before go to bed. Tomorrow they will be very busy with staff meetings and ordering a new PPE and stuff they will need.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-04-23 at 14:54

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood