Their time in Winnipeg by Ann Wood

They arrive in Winnipeg very late that evening, because the weather wasn't good. The twins are long asleep, the three women park in the bus parking lot and have a quick dinner of sandwiches and tea, then take a shower and go to bed. It was a long day for them and the twins. They hope the weather is fine in the morning so they can get Martin and Monica out for a walk around town. At two in the night, they hear someone knocking on the door, Alex looks at the security cameras and sees that there is someone outside. She dresses and goes to the front door, but does not open it. She slightly opens the window at the passenger seat and asks who is there. A female voice replies that she is a security guard in the parking lot and that she heard someone crying as she walked past their mobile home. Alley says everything is fine and one of the babies has been crying since he has colic. The woman wishes a good night and leaves for the office. Alex goes to see the twins, gives them milk and goes back to Leila's room. In the morning, they get up and have breakfast, after breakfast, sit down to work on their computer, as Michelle has a math exam today and Leila and Alex work on the site for Alex's hospital. Michelle's test starts at ten and she has one hour and thirty minutes to do it. After she finishes they dress up the twins and go out to the city for a walk. There they dine and go to the hairdresser to freshen up their appearance. After the hairdresser, they go to the market and a pastry shop to get Michelle's exams. In the evening, they come home and prepare dinner, after dinner is ready, they eat and discuss their plans for the next day. Then they watch a movie on Netflix and then go to bed at midnight. The next day, they were walking around the area around Winnipeg, as it is raining again they must be on the bus. They stop at a gas station to refuel and grab coffee and croissants for breakfast. The twins play while the three women talk and watch TV. After charging and resting, they start their journey again. Alex is in the driver's seat and the other two women play with the twins in the living room. At noon they stop near a creek and decide to stay there for the night. They make fish with fries and a green salad for lunch. Afterward, they have lunch, they clean, the table and they decide to play monopoly. While they are playing monopoly, Leila's phone rings and she picks up. Leila has a call from the state lottery that she has won the big prize of six and a half million Canadian dollars. She even forgot that she ran a lottery ticket last week. She starts to cry and at the same time laugh with joy. The other two women look at her in amazement and ask her what is the reason for these confusing emotions? She tells them that she has won the big prize from the lottery. They all rejoice and open a bottle of wine to make a profit. They have to go to Toronto in the morning to receive the lottery check. There, they will be shown on television and will remain for several days.
In the evening, they have dinner early and go to bed, because in the morning I have to leave early for Toronto, and the road is long. With excitement, they cannot sleep but at least they rest. The three women grow up talking in bed while the twins sleep sweetly next to them.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-03-02 at 16:36

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood