Because of the great interest of my readers, I was asked to write a sequel to the story.

What happened to Alex and Leila after the accident in the garden by Ann Wood

Alex and Leila get very close to each other. Six months after Alex's accident, which slowly recovers, Leila discovers she has feelings for Alex.
One morning at breakfast, she tells Alex that she has fallen in love with her and whether this will be a problem for their friendship. Alex tells Leila that she has feelings for her, too.
They decide to try to live as lovers and go out for a first date in the evening.
Leila proposes that their relationship be hidden for the first time since it is something new for both of them. She prepares a romantic dinner, and they both have dinner at home listening to good music, and after eating Alex says that there is also a surprise for Leila. She bought Leyla's favorite movie and wanted to watch it together.
They watch the Titanic and grab a popcorn with a Pepsi.
After the movie, they decide to order pizza and a French rustic cake and ice cream and a bottle of good Chardonnay wine and to find another movie to watch. As it is Friday night, both are out of work on weekends. While waiting for their order to arrive, they decide to take a relaxing bath together.
After they have taken a bath and the pizza is over, they sit on the couch in front of the fireplace where the last trees are burning, Leila puts one of the larger trees on the fire and returns to the sofa next to Alex.
Alex is the first to be kissed by Laila during the second movie.
They watch Gone With the Wind and nestled into each other on the sofa.
After the movie is announced, Alex suggests that it be broadcast, but this time it should be in her bedroom. They go to bed and fall asleep wrapped up in each other. In the morning Leila gets up early and prepares breakfast for both and brings breakfast to Alex's room. Gently kisses Alex and wishes her good morning. They have breakfast in bed and make love for the first time.
They decide to take a shower and then go shopping in a nearby town where they later dine at the mall.
They leave with Leila's car and play romantic music on the radio while traveling.
When they arrive, they park the car in the mall car parking and start shopping.
At noon, they go to the mall's restaurant and order lunch. They order a steak with fries and salad, and for dessert, they order Napoleon cake and ice cream. During lunch, they drink Prosecco and natural tropical fruit juice.
After the midday meal, they decide to go to the cinema and watch "Like Mother, Like Son".
After the movie, they go home and order Chinese food from the restaurant near their house.
A few months later, Alex and Leila decide not to hide their relationship anymore, and they tell their families that they love each other and that they have been living as a couple for several months.
To their delight, their families accept the news well and with understanding.
A few days later for the Fourth of July, the two decide to make a barbecue party and invite their friends and tell them the news that the two are together as a couple.
The two of them go to the market to get everything they need for the party.
Alex and Leila prepare steak meat and various types of salads, as well as cake to celebrate the holiday and the news they have to share with their friends.
Alex and Leila prepare steak meat and various types of salads, as well as cake to celebrate the holiday and the news they have to share with their friends.
The evening passes with a very good mood and fun. Everyone is happy for both women and wishes them all the best and very long life together.
From that day on, Leila and Alex begin to plan their lives for the future. On the first August, Leila asks Alex if she will marry her? Alex accepts Leila's marriage proposal.
They plan their wedding for Thanksgiving. They decided it would be a small wedding only the closest of families and the best their friends.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-02-28 at 21:50

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
For my readers only the best

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i love it! so sweet. i was hoping it would turn out this way, and it did ~~~


The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood