Leila and Alex take twins and Michelle on vacation around Canada by Ann Wood

One day Leila and Alex decide to take the kids and Michelle out on a tour of Canada. The twins are now six months old and their mobile home is big enough for three adults and two babies. A few months ago, they bought a large mobile home so they could travel with their children when they wanted to go somewhere without having to stay at a hotel. In their mobile home, they have four rooms, a bathroom, toilet, living room and kitchen with a dining area. It is a luxury RV bus with two levels. They leave their native Vancouver early in the morning for Calgary, where they will stay for a few days. From the previous day, they have loaded everything they need for their journey. They decided that they wanted to take three years to leave so that they could be together with their children and travel. They both took a computer design course to work from home. To keep their PINs, they will have to do all the required online training and go to seminars with practical exercises at least once a year. They enjoy every free minute with the twins. They go for walks, they take them to the zoo, though they are only six months old and they want to introduce them to the outside world. Before they leave, they check that they have shut off everything and close and lock all the windows and doors. They ate and changed their clothes, the twins then went on their way. Michelle accepted their invitation to stay and live with them permanently, as they all got along very well and the twins should not be separated from their biological mother. They also help to finish online school. The trip is fun, they stop in places to view and take pictures. The twins love their new room and play in their crib. The three women understand each other very well and share the care of the twins and household chores equally. Alex lunch prepared moussaka and salad of different kinds of lettuce and rice pudding for dessert. And for the twins - cream soup of vegetables, lamb purée with vegetables and, for dessert, fruit puree. They eat and talk to each other about the weather and what they will do in the afternoon.
They arrive in Calgary in the evening and park in the parking lot for caravans and buses at the end of town. They begin to prepare dinner and bathe the twins before dinner. For dinner, they make burgers and hot dogs with fries and salads of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, avocados, onions, parsley and olives, and feta cheese. After dinner, they clean the table and make hot chocolate and popcorn and sit down to watch TV in the living room. They make plans for the next day and go to bed by midnight. The twins have long been asleep in their room. Michele goes to check on the twins and goes to bed in her room. Alex locked and went to kiss the twins good night, Leila also went to kiss the twins good night and went back to Alex's room. The first day of their vacation went great and everyone is happy. On the morning of the next day, they become and ready for new experiences and adventures.
They have breakfast and make their own beds after breakfast. They go for a walk with the twin stroller. They then go to the market to buy some essentials. When they move into their mobile home, they get to work and Michell changes the twin diapers and sits down to study. The twins play while their moms are busy. At noon, they finish the moussaka of the previous day. Little Martin and Monica have a smoothie of fish and vegetables for lunch and banana porridge for dessert. They spend the afternoon playing games with little Martin and Monica. Later, they go for a walk to the nearby park and then go out for dinner at the bistro next to the parking lot. After dinner, they go home and put Martin and Monica to sleep, and the three sit down to watch TV. They talk about the past day and check plans for the next day. Before going to bed, they make a group video chat with their families, and then the three go to kiss the twins for a good night. On the morning of their last day in Calgary, they have breakfast and go to market, new products for their trip. After taking a shower Alex and Leila go to bed, Michell also takes a shower and goes to bed, but before that, she locks the door and launches a security camera. On the morning of their last day in Calgary, they have breakfast and go to market, new products for their trip. They visit a museum and dine at a small restaurant Marty and Monica had a fruit smoothie for their lunch. In the afternoon, they refuel and prepare for the next morning when they leave for Edmonton. At about six o'clock they dine on grilled fish with potato salad. The twins have chicken cream soup and strawberry cream. Tonight they plan to go to bed early to rest for the trip the next day.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood