The day of adoption of little Lillian and her birthday by Ann Wood

The procedure for the adoption of little Lillian took one month. The case for the final documents to be signed scheduled for her birthday. Months went by shopping for new clothes, room decorations, toys, books, a tablet so she could play baby songs and movies—new shoes and slippers for home too.
Lillian is very excited that she will be adopted soon and that her birthday is approaching. She liked the room very much as it had furnished. Biologists and parents also call every weekend with the court order. They asked that they have the right to write and send gifts for the holidays and to know how she feels in her new family. The court granted their request, as they willingly assisted in giving Lillian for adoption.
It is the evening before the case, and everyone is very excited about tomorrow. The whole family had supper and went to bed early to rest for the long day ahead. Lillian couldn't sleep all night. In the morning, everyone got up first and got ready for court. They had pancakes with maple syrup and tea. At ten, they were all in court to sign the adoption papers. After the case, they went to a restaurant to celebrate Lillian's birthday with a holiday lunch, and in the evening they would have guests and a BBQ party, salads, and cake.
The case lasted two hours, and everyone was satisfied with the outcome of the case. As they understood, they went to Maggie's for lunch, ordered burgers with fries and salad and then ordered a cake and everyone sang happy birthday to you, Lillian.
After lunch, the whole family went to a puppet theater and watched the sleeping beauty. After the show was over, they went home to get ready for the party. The parents of all three young women had come the previous day and will stay for the whole week and week. Leila's father lit the BBQ and put on the grilled meat.
The guests arrived at six, all sitting in the garden where the table was spread out and packed with a variety of salads, a platter of roasted meat, sandwiches, and sweets. The kids played different games with the clown and the puppeteers. At nine, they cut, the cake and Lillian opened his presents. Lillian's parents called at precisely five in the evening and wished her a happy birthday and to be obedient. They said that they loved her very much and that they would never forget her.
They left for ten guests, and they all hurriedly picked up the tables and canteens in the house, whisked one-time glasses, plates and utensils into the garbage can. All trays and cloth were washed and stowed on cabinets. Margaret put the kids to sleep and went to help the others in the kitchen. At twelve, everyone wished a good night and went to bed. Mario and Lillian were very tired and fell asleep immediately. So passed Lillian's first day in the new family. For a long time, Leila and Alex couldn't sleep from the excitement of the day and made plans for tomorrow. The construction is almost complete, only the finishing works and the furnishing remain.

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Written on 2020-04-06 at 21:08

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