The day of Margaret birthday and the weekend after it by Ann Wood

It is early on the morning of Margaret's birthday, she is still in bed and talking with her family in the UK. She's a little sad that she won't be with her family on her birthday. After the conversation with her loved ones was over, Margaret got up; and went to take a shower; and get ready for breakfast. A surprise awaited her in the dining room, Alex and the other two women had made a full English breakfast, syrup pancakes, and fruit salad.
She was pleasantly surprised and thanked the other three women for the kind gesture. Everyone sat down for breakfast and made plans for the day. After breakfast, they went out to the party at the party in the evening. Today it is made sunny and perfect for BBQ in the garden.
They went to a nearby farm for fresh meat and other fresh produce, picked up fruits and vegetables. The farmer's wife gave them home-baked bread and sweets for the children. They paid and thanked for the gifts and headed to town for the rest of the purchases they had planned.
When they bought everything they needed for the party, they brought Margaret to the spa treatments and hairdresser. They got home at two for lunch and started preparing the meat to be marinated and flavored, washed the salad products, peeled potato chips, and lit the grill at six. Alex, Leila, and Michelle's parents arrive at seven-thirty, and the party began. Margaret had invited some friends who come
around eight.
The music played softly as they dined and talked. Everyone thanked the hosts for a delicious dinner, had fun, and played party games late into the night. The guests left shortly after midnight. Everyone went to clean the tables and loaded the dish with dishes and glasses.
I went to bed after cleaning the kitchen and yard. Since it's Friday night and Monday will be a day off, the parents of all three young women will stay with them for the weekends.
It is Saturday morning, and the house is quiet because everyone is still asleep. Somewhere in the house, someone's cellphone sounded like a fire. Rachel answered the call, good morning Leila and Alex's home, how can I help you? Good morning man's voice, who's on the phone? I'm Leila's mother, and my name is Rachel. Oh, nice to meet you, I'm Richard one of the social workers at the Leila and Alex agency. There was a problem with one of the foster families, last night someone set fire to their garage, and part of the house was also affected by the flames. We will have to accommodate the children I placed there last week.
One moment just to wake up my daughter, excuse me for a minute, please. Rachel goes to her daughter's room and tells you she's looking for Leila from the agency's office, and it's an emergency. Hello, Leila is listening, what can I help with? I apologize for disturbing you at home, but we have to find a new foster family for the two children from last week who were housed at Mrs. Tylor's home. Ok please bring them to us, we will pick them up for now as it is a weekend and Monday is not a business day. Then they wished them a beautiful day and closed their phones.
Leila went back to her room and told Alex about her conversation with the social worker. They prepared the rooms for the two new children. The social worker came to lunch with the children and their luggage. They discussed the situation, and Alex called construction workers to go and repair the burnt outhouse. The injured family is accommodated in the guest house at the Nursing Home and Hospital.
The children and the social worker arrived around three in the afternoon. They were a sibling, apparently five and three years old. Both children were dressed in clean clothes and shoes, though worn. They didn't have a lot of luggage, one bag of clothes and one with favorite books and toys and two faded pictures of a man and a woman of about thirty, apparently their parents. Margaret invited them to come in and sit in the living room as she called Leila and Alex. Everyone went to the living room to welcome the new guests and said hello and welcome to our home. Natasha and Tony smiled shyly and congratulated their hosts. Richard explained to them the incident that their parents died in a fire in the cooperative where they lived. The children have no relatives in Canada because their parents are immigrants from Russia. The two children were temporarily housed in the home of the foster family who had suffered a fire in their garage and part of the house at the previous night. Natasha and Tony have been adopted for adoption and have just taken a new foster family. Alex and her family are both saddened by the story of these two beautiful children. Alex and Leila apologized for wanting to discuss something by themselves and that they would be back in a minute or two.
The two young women returned to the living room and sat on the couch by the window. Alex looked at everyone in the room and started talking, my wife and I decided to apply and adopt Natasha and Tony. Everyone looked at each other happily and laughed. Leila asked Richard to initiate the process and drafted the adoption case file. Then Margaret brought the cart with drinks and sandwiches, and everyone had breakfast in the living room. After breakfast, they showed Tony and Natasha's house and their bedrooms. Richard left at five, and the whole family moved into the games room. He played monopolies and carried angry man, dominoes, and cards. At seven-thirty, they had dinner in the dining room. It was left of the BBQ, and they made a salad. There were cake and ice cream for dessert.
After supper, they all watching telly in the cinema room. At ten, Michelle and Margaret give a shower to the kids and put them to bed. After that, all say good night to each other and go to bed.
It is Sunday morning, Rachel is cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She made full English breakfast, pancakes with Maple syrup, and porridge for the kids. Today it is raining, and they can go for a day trip with the RV or play games at home.
They ate their breakfast and made a plan for the day.
They decided to take the kids on a bus ride and if the rain stopped visiting the zoo. They prepared food for a picnic and drinks, and by ten, they were on their way. They left town and headed for the zoo, which is located 10 kilometers from their home. The children were very cheerful and sang songs.
To their delight, the rain stopped, and they visited the zoo and then had a picnic by the river nearby. The children played while the adults talked and played guitars. The day was beautiful, and everyone was happy. They returned at seven and prepared their sandwiches and salad for dinner. After that, they watched Netflix movies. Around midnight they go to bed. Next day the parents of Leila, Alex, and Michelle will go back home.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood