The stay of three young women and twins in Edmonton by Ann Wood

On the morning in which three women and twins leave for Edmonton, they have breakfast early and hit the road. Martin and Monica are still sleeping in their crib. The weather is rainy and Leila drives slowly, the other two women work on their computers, Alex is commissioned to create a new site for the hospital where she works, and Michelle writes an essay in English. Silent love music is heard on the radio. At ten in the morning, they stop and find out who will drive after the break.
While all three women have driving licenses, they are authorized to drive a large bus.
Alex sits in the driver's seat, and Leila goes to see if the twins have woken up. After changing them and changing their diapers, she gives them breakfast. Then Leila and Michelle have playtime with Monica and Martin. At noon for two, they stop to dine and go to bed to rest. At four, they set off on the road again, and at eight they reached Edmonton. They had supper and went to bed early, as the journey was long and tiring. They will stay in Edmonton for a few days. The next morning, they decide after breakfast to go for a walk to explore the city. They plan to buy some new twin toys and reading books. They also want to buy some new clothes and shoes for tourism.
In the evening, they decide to make a barbecue and dine outside on the lawn where they parked. While Leila bakes the BBQ's meat and vegetables, Alex works on the site she needs to make for the hospital. Michele makes a salad and sets the dinner table. The twins had dinner after they returned and were already asleep. The three women have dinner and watch TV outside. At eleven, they go to bed after picking up everything in the mobile home.
The next morning, Leila starts the washing machine and makes breakfast. Alex has been up and running for a long time, Michell is studying and listening to music. Martin and Monica are still sleeping. With breakfast ready, the three women sit down to have breakfast and watch the news on television.
After breakfast, they set out to clean the house. Then they collect their laundry and make coffee. After the twins wake up at ten, Alex dresses them up and changes their diapers to breakfast and then they all go out to explore the city. Alex and Leila leave the twins with their biological mother and go to order Michell's birthday cake. They also buy ready-made food and birthday decorations, not a recent birthday gift. They also pick up flowers and, with one taxi, head to the parking lot where they left off. They quickly decorate the house and go to pick up the rest of the city.
Along the way, they meet up with old friends of Alex and invite them to visit them the next night. Leila is talking on the phone with her parents who are currently in their house to maintain the garden and the house while they are away. They got together one month, one parent, the other, and so the three families alternate. Leila tells them about the surprise they have prepared and that when they return they will make a group live chat.
They find the twins and Michelle in the park to walk. First Alex notices them and goes to them, and then they return to Leila who is still on the phone with her mother. They head back to the parking lot and head home. When Michelle sees a surprise, she cries out in joy and thanks to them for the kind gesture.
They sit down to eat and listen to good music. When they are over, they remove the cake from the fridge and put on twenty candles and sing happy birthday to you, dear Michelle. The birthday candle blows and the candles cut them into pieces. Then they talk to their family who wants to see Monica and Martin before they go to bed. After the conversation is over, they put the little ones to sleep and continue to have fun. By midnight, they had already cleaned the table and washed the dishes. When they bathe, they go to bed. At night, the weather breaks and a storm begins and it rains. The twins are anxious and crying. Alex gets up and goes to get them to sleep with them. Mitchell also wakes up from the storm and goes to Alex and Leila's room. The three women huddle together and fall asleep after the twins have slept.
In the morning they stay up until later. When the storm came, the rain subsided and the rain stopped. They have breakfast and start making dinner lists. They plan to make fried chicken, corn tortillas, risotto with vegetables and mushrooms, potato salad, grilled fish and pork ribs in the oven. When the storm stops, they go out to buy meat and fish, fresh vegetables and fruits. They take several bottles of wine for each dish and one champagne. They spent a little time and went home to cook. Along the way, they met Alex's friends again, and they all got home together. Alex's friends had also bought some things for dinner. The twins were asleep in the cart and smiling sweetly in their sleep. When they reach the parking lot, the rain again falls. But this did not stop young women from grilling outside. Alex's two friends are grilling while the women cook inside. When everything is ready, they sit down to have dinner and watch TV. After dinner, they play games and make jokes. As it is raining outside, they invite their guests to stay overnight with them. The three women and twins lie in the big room and the rest in the other three rooms. In the morning, the rain was still raining, and they decided to go and leave Alex's friends at their homes and from there, go and refuel. After the market, they will start traveling again. Their next stop will be Winnipeg where they will stay for a few days again.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood