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1. Happy birthday to Mrs. D. C. by Ann Wood
2. Congratulations for your baby girl Adeline Patsy Morrison to Sophie Patterson and Simon Morrison by Ann Wood
3. Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to my friends Melanie and Mark Haley by Ann Wood
4. Happy birthday to Amy Henry by Ann Wood
5. Happy birthday to my friend Yosko by Ann Wood
6. Our holiday at the sea side day sixteenth by Ann Wood
7. Happy birthday to Fruzsina Szalai by Ann Wood
8. Happy birthday to my friend Iris Lundy by Ann Wood
9. Inmemory of my uncle Dimcho Mihov by Ann Wood
10. She is a care worker with big heart to my friend and colleague Dorota Ogeniewska by Ann Wood
11. THE crossroads by Maria Laleva traslated by Ann Wood
12. The man love by Denislav Valkov traslated by Ann Wood
13. In memory of Mrs. L. C. by Ann Wood
Power of poetry and love
Poetry by
Ann Wood

by Ann Wood

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