I cannot decide what is like you

I cannot decide what is like you.
I cannot decide if your eyes are black suns
or two dark diamonds.
I cannot make metaphor
on so little sleep.

Bear with me: I am tired this evening!
I might blurt some absurdity.
Your toes are my rosary,
your belly is my Magnificat,
your lips are my chalice of Jesus.

I don't know how to describe
your furious tender heart,
so I pile up the adjectives
and blur the edges
of what should be hard and precise
and certain.

Your heart is the blade
on which I cut myself.
Your heart is the furnace
in which I burn.

I am not Dante, and you are not Beatrice.
I am Thomas, sometimes Dylan, sometimes Pat.
You are the lady whose name
is as secret as the host in the Tabernacle.
You are the lady whose name
I dare not take in vain.
You might produce identification,
but I'm damned if I can read it.

Shall we drink coffee together?
Or quarts of red wine?
Shall we dip cupped hands
into the northern mountain brook
and take the cold water
with sacramental reverence?

Shall I be the sparrow
perched on your striped shoulder,
O tigress, O dangerous beast?

Shall I be a paper boat in a pond
which you strike and set ablaze
with a bolt of your lightning?

I'm sorry. I don't remember you right.
That is, I can see you
but I can't record what I see.

Some poet I am!

Poetry by Uncle Meridian The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 204 times
Written on 2022-04-16 at 15:07

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MetaPoetics The PoetBay support member heart!
This is wry and fun and beautiful. I especially like the many metaphors you use to describe the lady in the poem, akin to Shakesperean thought.

Though you say, "[you] cannot make metaphor / on so little sleep," you do the opposite in the poem. Nicely done!

D G Moody The PoetBay support member heart!
"Some poet I am!" Nay! Not So!! This was such a rich textured praise to the love of your heart - lucky lady - even luckier you!

Sona The PoetBay support member heart!
Ah! what lines and what an amazing ode to her! Beautiful

AFRODITE STATHI The PoetBay support member heart!
A very lucky lady she is and you a great poet.Loved reading this work.

the part that made me think
black suns of dark diamonds
to what metaphor are "diamonds and suns " related?
your poetry is always full of references
sometimes about the place, the English culture
the period of time it depicts (eighties, nineties etc...)
it is difficult to have the whole picture
for someone that has a different background
so I may define your poems as "confidential"


Just Look Around
by Uncle Meridian