It's been a long time...being away from PoetBay, has been like being away from home. I missed you all my dear friends. I wrote six poems in London. Want it share this one with you.

Dreams of Spring

Floating in the ocean of the azure sky,
Flying in the air, with cool zephyr
blowing my auburn mane of hair;
Dewdrops kissing my cheeks
Sending a shudder of desire
down my spine....

In the twilight zone of the morning-
between the delicious state of
Slumber and awakening-
I have a dream...

Clouds floating pass me by,
caressing my skin,
I greet them with a smile-
the companions of my spring.
In you come floating into my thoughts,
Appear before my eyes,
Hold my hands and lead me
into a grove of
Sherwood Forest green...

As can only happen, in a dream...

Gently plant a kiss on my lips
Under the mistletoe...
Emotion surge in my blood,
In my veins, increasing its flow...
Your touch like an electric current,
Sends a thrill that spreads
in warm sanguine flow...

I become aware of the woman in me-
Desire throbs in my soul-
I want to be consumed in love...

And you say: easy does it-
let us not rush!
Making me more desperate...

And I wake up drenched with desire-


You, the companion of my spring,
You, the apparition of my first love!
Naughty of you to visit me
In my dreams after all these years...

The autumn leaves in the garden
Slowly turn red...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
London, 20 July 2006,
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1566 times
Written on 2006-08-27 at 22:43

Tags Romance 

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sabereh lotfian
clouds floating pass me by caressing my skin i greet them with a smile......
oh yes i loved it dear zoya even if you write in english your beautiful eastern thoughts are remarkable in your poem
bohot bohot achcha is that true?
much much love
sabereh lotfian

Such a beautiful poem!!
nice to see you back:)

Welcome back my friend!

A good visit in London? =)

Dreams of spring are haunting us all, especially after reading your beautiful poem!

Glad to see you again!

Zoya Zaidi
Spring is always in the heart,
Though time may spell autumn's start,
Time flows slowly and goes by,
Before you even realize, it has gone by...
And one day the past comes back,
with the flowers sweet, that bloomed
then, when the birds did tweet...
The sweetest songs remain with you
Though your sable curls turn silver dew...

Arti darling, you have indeed touched a chord some where in my heart...

Spring with delicate sprigs of new desire
Awakening in the summer of mayflowers
And gentle zephyrs and showy daffodils
Push away golden autumn just a little bit longer, my love,
My deep well overflows, lightning sparking off me
As my eyes set my world on fire...
Come, let spring rule forever as love rules...
Autumn's leaves will but feed the fires of my passion.

Ahhhhh there you go Zoya! Unedited, hot off the keyboard. Looks like London was an excellent holiday!

You tell a whole story in these words, and use such a beautiful language in doing so ....... the poetry kreeps out of every letter

Malin Johansson
Beautiful !!! It's so imagery and the last lines...
The autumn leaves in the garden
Slowly turn red...
Wow Zoya... and it's good to have you back!!!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi there Zoya this poem is so brilliant hope you enjoyed your stay and ver very welcome back rgds Mike xxxxx

Naughty of you to visit me
In my dreams after all these years..." wow. very pleasant and decent appreciation of love! I liked this poem so much dear friend

Kathy Lockhart
AHHHHHHHHHHHh! Beautiful! so wonderful to read or "hear" your voice again! :) xx kathy

Welcome back again dear!!! a very nice poem..beautiful!!!!kissess

David Hazell
Beatiful. A real work of art.

beautiful Zoya!!!!
so happy to see you back:)))

Rob Graber
I can feel the heat!

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
O, Zoya!!! I have really missed you, your poetry! The melody of your thoughts!
*hug* This poem remindes me somehow of Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons :)

Welcome back my friend :) my soul- sister :) Please do publish the other poems you 've written :)

You're back!!!!!
And with a luscious poem dense with longing and desire!
((((giant hug))))

Zachary P. B.
Zoya Zaidi!!! i missed you and your poetry much. i hope all things bode well for you. =)

as can only happen, in a dream...

the autumn leaves in the garden
slowly turn red...

wow, as life changes, our dreams are with us, although they may change or progress, they are with and a part of us. in our heart.



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