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1. Sunset On The Lake
2. Lunar Enchantment
3. The Good-Bye Never Said
4. Ruins of Konarak (poetic erotica carved in stone)
5. Sweetest are the Songs...
6. Wave of Death
7. I Will Think of You Tonight
8. Burning Bright Before Dying Out...
9. Twilight of Love
10. Dreams of Spring
11. In Granchester
12. Oasis in the Desert of Life
13. Dream of Doom...
14. Heart, Soul and Mind
15. Life and Death
16. Dawn at the River Huglee
17. At the Cheonjiyeon Water Fall
18. Love is a Bird that Nests in Hearts...
19. ...Not Just A Drop!
20. I Wait For You Still ('How am I' challenge)

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Passion and Compassion by Zoya Zaidi
Poetry by
Zoya Zaidi

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is beautiful, enchanting, inspiring, sometimes it takes you on a long journey of passion and desire, sometimes the happiness, the ecstasy, the fulfillment is too short... Sometimes the agony is too deep, unbearable, unconquerable, sometimes it teaches you a lot... You see misery around you and you react to it, with all the compassion of you soul, soul that is disturbed by the plight of those suffering, low and down-trodden, sick , exploited and helpless, humiliated and insulted.. All these inspire you to put down your feelings, your thoughts on paper in red ink of your heart's blood... Some call it poetry...

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