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1. Children of a Lesser God- Bonded Labourers
2. Nocturne
3. CoLouRs
4. Words of Fire, Writ in Heart's Blood, Over Surface of Water
5. I, Like Prometheus Bound
7. Sometimes I Feel I am a Cloud
8. David at Michelangelo Square
10. Widows of Vrindavan
11. Taj Mahal by Moonlight
12. Match-Sticks & Silver Needles-Children of Lesser God-2
13. The Crimean Shores
15. WHO AM I?
16. Tremors of Death-Viva La Mama!
17. The Calm and the Turbulent Sea
18. I, Like Penelope sit Weaving
19. Sun, Moon and the Virgin Snow
20. Street Urchin

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Heart and Soul by Zoya Zaidi
Poetry by
Zoya Zaidi

When the heart sings the soul dances to its tune, when the sorrow is infinite, the soul produces the most melodious of songs. This book contains agony and ecstasy of my heart and soul. Prelude: Poems of passion and compassion, Poems of anguish of my heart, My joy at the beauty of the World, My awe at the wonder of the Nature, The agony of Betrayal and Ecstasy of a loving heart; Come and peep into my heart and soul, Come and live into my world- in these yellow pages, writ with the blood of my heart… Dr. Zoya Zaidi

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