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1. Golden Chariot of the Sun
2. Betrayed
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Women of True Love
5. Ganga My Ganga
6. Art of Happiness
7. Mass Crime
8. Sometimes I feel I am the Flower... (in response to Kip)...
9. Sometime I feel I am the Candle off your Honeycomb...(answer to kip's honeybee)...
10. I am the Oak, You my Acorn
11. Hot Desert Sands (A Nightmare)
12. Few Of My Favourite Things
13. Life is a precious gift!*(For All)
14. 8th of March (An Introspection)
15. Mustard Fields of Kashmir
16. Noodles Fossilized
17. Recycle Me
18. Sublimation
19. Be With Me My Heart
20. My Secret

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Joy and Sorrow by Zoya Ziadi
Poetry by
Zoya Zaidi

In the fabric of life the golden threads of joy and sorrow are woven to create a colourful tapestry of existence… In my poems I express my joy in existence, of loving and caring- of just being alive! The sorrows of my soul at the injustices meted out to women, exploitation of innocent vulnerable children and humiliation and discrimination of those living on the fringe of society… this book contains an assortment of selected poems.

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