Heart, Soul and Mind

Figure this out, if you can,
I hope I make some sense?

What the eye sees, the mind knows
What the mind knows the eye proceeds to see
What the eye sees pierces the heart
What pierces the heart, the soul feels
And what the soul feels effects the heart
And what effects the heart torments the mind
And what torments the mind, troubles the heart
What troubles the heart effects the soul...
And when the heart and mind are together with the soul
Either it is agony or ecstasy as a whole...
But, when they fall apart, simply hell breaks lose...

I'm in a teasing mood today!
A bit of mental tease isn't it?
It's a bit like the egg and the chick,
I hope you get my drift...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1475 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 05:40

Tags Philosophy 

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Amanda K
loooool.you know Zoya as i was reading your poem, i got your poem differently. i thought that you're talking about love.for we see the one we love and our minds can tell.souls feel it and it does pierce and trouble the heart savagely and so on. indeed i enjoyed reading that poem.it has a different taste.


*BOOKMARKED!* i love this poem! great work!!!

sabereh lotfian
Viva zoya ,viva zoia, the perfect poet always with something to surprise us & with a new style most of the time .hahaha but i should admit that i didn't get your drift exactly but the main idea was excellent really it brought really a smile to my face :)
bohot bohot achcha

lotsa love

sabereh (the patient one)

Rate :50

A little complicated, but after reading it twice, I understood it..I made sense to me..You see, you think and you make a conclusion..at least that is what I got out of it...I think...Have a feeling this can be read over and over, and you will never find the same meaning of it..
Brilliant writing..




Dear Zoya oh my, this one is, I think something of the best you've wrote (that I have read) I just simply loved this one, it should have a score 10!!! I jyst feel like hug you now *big hug*, and this have to be bookmarked. I can't tell why I think this was so good, but it is something you must think to understand, and that's why I loved it.

- Tina

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Maintaing the balance- a cosmic law

The absolute balance
of the duality of human nature!

Heart, mind and soul a holy trinity.

"What the eye sees, the mind knows"
What we perceive with our eyes is what already exists within us. We perceive the reality accordingly to what we have associate with our mind and heart as the truth.

But when the mind perceives a false association as truth the heart of the soul our inner guide reacts and help us realize the truth, the torment is just a way to find the way to heaven.

All roads lead to the same destination absolute balance. Sometimes we need to go through hell in order to find heaven.
The darkness has a part of light as the midnight sky with the stars that twinkle and vice versa....

When the hell breaks lose it results to death. But in order for death to exist we need life. and what is more powerful life or death?

Agony or ecstasy?
Universal Pessimist or Cosmic Optimist?

Golding calls himself "a universal pessimist and a cosmic optimist," distinguishing between the universe, as the sum of man's empirical knowledge, and the cosmos, as the totality of all there is, including God and man(William Golding, winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature)

A joy to read this thought- provoking poem My beloved friend!


Kathy Lockhart
I love the connection! It is the totality of who we are and explains the wholeness of self in a cleverly written portrait of deep thought and insight. You create thought with your thought. You truely are: Poet, Artist, and Doctor of the Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit. xx kathy

Dan Cederholm

Can it be -< peaceful (heaven) >- when all things go together????

And totaly -< Lost control (Hell) >- when they fall apart???

Cleaver words here and I dont know if my answer is the right!!!

Regards Dan


Malin Johansson
This one is great.. and I totally agree with every sentence in it... But I think that if you feel like that you are in a deep hole or on a mighty mountain... people who live a medium life and never have confronted real pain and misery they can not know true pain, they can not know true happiness, and you have described the fulfillment of that pain OR happiness here in your words...
Hugs to you Zoya

i do i do
i do get it and i know exactly what you mean!
a vicious cycle i think

A mental tease!!
Zoya that is not like you!!!
Love this quote..:-)

you are a good egg!!
just slightly cracked:)))))

yes did I figure this out!!
loves and hugs to you!!
thought to give you a wee smile
your way!!
thankyou !!
loves and hugs of many


Passion and Compassion by Zoya Zaidi
by Zoya Zaidi