Rekindled by Michael Meddings and Katherine Lockhart (a co-write)

The embers silently smoldered unseen
Dying to become nothing but spent ashes
But then you came and stirred my heart
And the embers sparked into flashes.

A latent fire was in my soul
The subliminal joy of once what was
Then I felt your warmth as I saw your smile
And I saw the truth within your eyes

The blaze grew into an eternal flame
The heat hot with passionate desire
Yet, in my eyes, you saw this love
A reflection of internal fire

And in those eyes I truly found
Just what I had been searching for
A peace a haven a tranquil vale  
Where love resides for evermore

Come warm yourself within my love
In my arms, find sweet surrender
And I will caress your brow My Dear
Then kiss your lips soft and tender. 

And I will find myself in you
Become your lovely dream
And we will succour of our love
This love there has always been





Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-11 at 21:13

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this is a very good co-write well written and well organised poem. This is what i call a love poem. Great poem i respect it.

Kathy yr way is awesome
love it

Amanda K
you did both write a delicate peace that i felt it and had a peace in my heart. thanks for the love shown in the poem.


Yes, and love tells us where to find it if we are open for the price we have to pay .... we have to become all vulnerable and fragile ....

you have made love a wonderful tribute with your beautiful and loving words....

very well done you two ... it is impossible to know which of you wrote what ... so it is certainlly a tight co-write ... one heart two pens ...

best wishes

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
this was a lovely experience Katherine
your kindness and skill helped me decidedly in this cowrite and i really enjoyed writing again
hugs for you babe rgds Michael xxx

Well expressed, you guys!
Keep it burning!


The Misty Yearnings of Our Souls
by Kathy Lockhart