Merchant from a land Ruthless

"My friend! all is sweet and white,
barren of love, far away from sighs",
words were said, eyes plunged to a rocking embrace,
voice though lingered on behind a confused haze,
" what matter has befallen? why so sullen?" I asked
silence exuded from her depressed mind,
sunk deep to past, memories forgotten for good,

Slowly eyes cleared the path to her heart,
tears flowed down the throat with a melancholy,
"what is love if full of thorns ?
a mourners coffin or a widows cry",
or is it the vial of tears by a warrior's side,
or a life of virginity under an arch's light,

Silence again, her existence marred in pieces,
soul battered with silent bruises,
never had I seen her such low,
gutted spirit with loathing for life,
drenched in gloom and a face stone,
a rebellious neck and hapless tone.

"They say evil is who sells her body,
what misery comes when one trades her soul,
to a man cruel yet delicate,
a deity of innocence beneath the cruel skin,
a bargainer of affection and of love,
laden full with gold and lust",

"till the misery she bought,
vanishes, Little by little, drizzle by drizzle,
with temptations, that glaze off the sight,
formal pleasures that darken to silent cries,
and the blue sky that slips slowly from hands,
and gets stuck to a moment,
a splinter in time that clutches firmly,
the little left sand of our lives,"
the same moment then guides you there,,
to a place you once passed by,
to a friend you once left back,
without a glance of belonging,
without a remorse of departure,
a dream forsaken,
that would never die,
to see once again your past,
up from down the steps of journey old,
to feel again the treasures ignored ,
and to hear yourself say aloud,
Oh the spirit of my life hold on,
my heart still as bold,
and my soul yet not sold,
to the lord of the black alleys,
to a merchant of land ruthless,"

some tears rolled down her face,
and i wiped them all in haste,
here eyes rose with her breath,
her mind looked for some more words,
to say,to vanquish all her demons,
to talk,to drown all her fears,
she couldnt,she wouldnt,
my love, my life,was again in silence,
like a child defeated ,to unyielding fence,
like a flower defeated, to a relentless rain,

In my arms I longed to taker her,
to make her feel that i had never,
to clean all her sins so none remains,
a stain or a memory to fade,
her life ,the beautifullglow on her face,
her sunny days and a spotless fate,
yet somehow i wouldnt i couldnt,
deprivation of past held my way,
few steps away stood my love, my redemption,
music to my soul, vibe of contentment,
yet i let my eyes see her vanish,
my ears hear her fading voice,
my mind relish her leaving scent,
my cruel fate take away,
few moments spent ,
few glances exchanged,
with my long dead friend,

Poetry by sagi
Read 1182 times
Written on 2007-07-18 at 23:09

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
You have a uniqueness in your word structure and description that really draws me to read further. I don't typically read lengthy poetry; it just doesn't hold my attention. This one did.
This is very well written and quite apart from anything else I've read. It will take me a few more reads to respond further. Well done.



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