Monday, May 19, my family is have a memorial service for Michael to honor his memory and our love. It will be held at 6:30pm. I know many will be sleeping but if before you go to bed you would whisper words of love, I know he will hear them. Thank you

In The Cusp of Time

I shall never say goodbye
But just hello to you again
And we will kiss as we kissed last time
When you held me close within

Your strong and comforting arms
Wrapped in the feel and scent of you
We stood there in front of all
Sharing sweet romance as love grew

And there we stood alone at the doorway
To our future life.
I wanted you for my husband;
You asked me to be your wife.

Passing on through the portal
We walked holding hands
You, pulling your fishing tote
As I floated off to enchanted lands

My mind was in wonder as I wandered
Through what we hoped and planned to be
A woman fulfilled with love 
For a man delighted in me.

When we reached the trunk of the car
We stopped to gaze into our eyes of love
Again we embraced and trembled 
As the stars sparkled above

And in that magical moment
As this day came to its silent end
We kissed to bond our hope
As the new day in darkness began

We stood on the the cusp of our future
Knowing not what it would bring
Believing that life would continue
To give happiness again and again

But there while the fleeting moments
Ticked away into echoes of infinity
We were just one man, one woman
In enraptured with all its possibilities

So soon the universe collided
And the stars fell from the abysmal sky
Leaving me all alone, a woman
Watching her beloved die.

And now when I find myself awake
I go the place where we met
It's nothing but a heartless machine
A doorway to the Internet.

I sit and wander awhile
Through one site to another
Going to places we would find
Chances to commune with each other

I look around at my apartment
And see you sitting here and there
Drinking the lovely fresh juice
That I would bring to you with care

And the time when you were so weak
And sweat broke out upon you now
I cooled a cotton cloth
To soothe your dampened brow

It was this time of tenderness
When my thoughts would entangle my brain
I was so scared I was losing you
For you were feeling the effects, the pain

Of a heart so figuratively full
Was clogged so literally now
The aorta valve completely blocked
And both of us wondering how

All the world can keep turning
People laughing and living as though
Nothing has changed in the universe
As your heart's life blood flowed

So now my darling I write here
At this machine that has no heart
But I feel you all around me
Smiling, My Love, because
we'll never part.


Oh how I miss you Michael

I can still feel your love

and it is so Beautiful.


I love you,


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
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Written on 2008-05-19 at 02:29

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Sorry, I only just heard the sad news.
It's difficult to know what to say, but my thoughts are with you...

Sanaz Danaipoor
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god, i just found out, i really am sorry for this great loss, i will always pray for his soul, may he rest in peace, he will remain as the gentleman he was and as the great poet he was!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You've told your story wonderfully. It is so sad yet so hopeful because it proves there is such love in the real world, not just in romance novels and movies. You and Michael completed each other. Had you not met you would have missed the whole you and he, the whole Michael, the people you were meant to be. God had a purpose in your relationship, to reveal to each of you your true value. Your love was pristine, God blessed and life affirming, even in death. You taught each other. You served each other. You reserved your future together in eternity and no one or no thing can change that.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Kath...just wanted you to know that my heart-felt thoughts
are with you....

xxx Stan

Hi Kathy

I really don't know what to say, just wish I had the words to express my condolences. I had a little time to open Poet Bay and it was as if someone threw cold water in my face I was shocked to find that Michael has passed away. The Lord needed a Special Angel by His side... All my sympathy and Love to you and Michael's family.

In my herat and mind ... then and now .. !

You are writing with the love you shared and it breaks my heart, this was the way life went. Your love for each other is beautiful now then and forever and stays eternally in your hearts ... A love that has brought hope to many ,,, You are in my thoughts and I hug you not knowing what to say ..


Thank god you had your time together Kathy, I knew mike as an unfulfilled man and you made him a happy man. I am so sorry you didn't have more time, but I am so glad of what you did have together. Yes the cusp of time is difficult to predict, you depict it so well in this poem of love and understanding. I can promise you that his love will always protect and keep you warm, that is what love is all about, it transcends.....I will not be awake but I will be in your thoughts....I am sure Mike is delighted and chuckling at the love displayed on this sight. The essence of Romantic tradition, the hero, the traveller, the individual and his emotions. Mike had them all. Wonderfully enlightening piece, thank you for helping me understand, Tai x

My Romeo and Juliet...

lots and lots and lots of love

Peter J. Kautsky
It helps to think that in some way you're still with some one. Now I wonder what I used to do when we did not have these machines. This is better than T.V. anyway. Your poem tingled with premonition and ended with tenderness which is an adequate end if there has to be one. pete

My thoughts are constantly with you and with him, and will be so in a very special way tonight.
Mike's presence is strong amongst us all, and it is wonderful to see how his gentle and friendly memory is bearing rich fruits of unity here on poetbay.
Sisterly hugs

Words cannot express the emotions I felt on hearing the awful news and my heart goes out to you Kathey ,Micheal was such a good friend to me and I have never seen him so happy as when he was with you, I shall miss him deeply, he was such a respected poet and writer and loved by all who new him or had contact with him, you have my deepest sympathy Kathey and I shall light a candle and say a prayer for you both, your friend Graham.

Same here darling, we'll be here, we'll be here!!!

my heart breaks for you kathy...i can hardly believe it to be true
this poem is incredibly filled with the richness of the love between you both. you had what most people never experience, a deep abiding eternal love...may it always give you comfort my dear.
love and warmest regards
cindy xo


Pieces of Life
by Kathy Lockhart