Photo: Kkc
Marianne Faithfull @ Molde Jazz Festival


Sing for us, Marianne
sing us that song
when the poet are coming
to charm everyone
he's coming to town
and just lie for us
So sing, Mariann
lend us your voice

Sing for us, Marianne
rusty and raw
be our voices
naked and sore
Give him the silver
give him the gold
But stay, Marianne
don't leave us alone

We tried so hard and always failed
our velvet heaven slipped away
the poetry is broken
on Lucy Jordan Street

Sing to us, Marianne
you know what we need
we don't need the poet
the smooth and surreal
We want what we lost
or to hear it from you
where has it gone
the beauty we knew?

Sing for us, Marianne
just you and us
sing us past poetry
sing for the loss
The night has no mercy
the morning is cold
sing till that velvet
poet is gone

We always tried and tried again
to make our rusty velvet bed
till poetry was broken
on Lucy Jordan Street

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-07-17 at 01:05

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Marianne Faithful certainly proved to be a unique talent. Who would've know when she first appeared.
Thanks, Nick


by PapaFahr