Amazed at man's,

Penchant need of sorrow,

I lay awake amidst a distant hum,

Of faraway sounds of civilization

I know not,

If it is the sadness

Or a victims spirit

A misplaced euphoria probably,

To feel so inappropriately

For a long lost pain

That always seems to linger on

Unknown to,

reason and Logic

Thought of loss and profit

Unfamiliar with selfish accords,

Unexposed to egotistical filth

This spirit of a man's heart

To love unconditional

Till the very end

A gift or a curse?

An answer I would never know

For my mind slips back,

In a pendulous to and fro

From colored wonder

To lands of fading hopes

I close my eyes,

Waiting for impending silence

And let the waves,

Drift me away,

One as their own.

Poetry by sagi
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Written on 2014-08-28 at 00:29

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Wonderful poem.

I loved this line-

For my mind slips back,
In a pendulous to and fro


Very strong feelings in this poem, and still a struggle between right and wrong, or between choices made. Beautiful writing.


The Three Realms, 'Heart'
by sagi