Things I tell myself whenever I fail in things in life. Thought I'd share it in case it might help someone else as it helps me. :)

What to do during your downfall.

There always comes a time in everyone's lives where bad luck just never seems to end. One obstacle after another, life just seems to be an endless struggle. We cry out in despair about why should this have never happened to us! But stop for a moment and think, that this too is a phase and it will pass. Even though it seems to be taking longer than others, it will pass. When life is easy, that's when you should be worried. There is so much you can learn from what's happening to you. There is so much to learn from your struggle.

People spend their lives not realizing the value of things around them. Everything is taken for granted if it comes free. It's only when you lose those things do you realize their worth; or it's when you have to work for it. Success doesn't come overnight. If it does, it isn't worth savoring. It just isn't that sweet.

When everything around you is in chaos, stop for a minute or two, let your mind calm down because any decision you take now will result in more chaos and regrets. As Buddha once said, wait for the mud to settle in order to get clear water; wait for the chaos in your mind to settle, only then will you think clearly.

Never give up. Only cowards do that. And you were born to be a fighter, you were born for greatness. You are never helpless. No one has the power to make you helpless apart from yourself. There is always a legitimate way for you to achieve something. All you have to do is find it.

Some people are always there to cause trouble for you. So know how much importance to give them. Tantrums and getting offended are games they've been playing for decades, it soon starts to lose it's affect on you. Let it be that way. You do not live to please the world. People who move away from you during your downfall do not deserve to be by your side when you do well. Be sure to remember that. And know deep down that you shall overcome everything and get back to being the amazing winner you know you are. And believe me, during that time, those people will come back. Keep your respect intact and don't take them back in.

Life is full of ups and downs. Your downs show you who were taking glory in your ups when they have no right to. Letting people out of your life just means that you are making room for a better person to come in. Think of it like in an MNC. They give the employees ratings and the destructive ones who do zero work and bask in the glory of being part of the organization are kicked out and a job search for a better candidate is issued. Same thing with life. Doesn't matter if they are doing nothing at all though. But if they can't pull you up, they should not at least pull you down either.

Laugh through this! Keep focus but at the same time have your fun! Keep your headphones in and your music loud and dance like it's the last party you're ever going to attend. Dance like you don't even care if anyone's watching. And if they are, pull them in! Life is short to brood. Do something artistic. Do something for the under-privileged. Make someone's day. Put a smile on someone's face!

Take a bus pass and go somewhere random! Have an adventure! Just make sure you're back home before it's late! Take pictures of nature, of people, of animals, of the sun, just anything. Put whatever you are feeling into words.

Work hard to move ahead and at the same time don't lose out on the finer things in life. You only live once. Live it in your terms.

Words by Kshiti Dubey The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-03-02 at 15:25

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Arunesh dixit
Very inspirational. Thank you.


ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you , Kahiti , a very good work.