Park Decisions

I'm free, liberty,
I didn't do anything,
just thought,
why was it so easy?

I sit on the bench,
suns first warmth,
trees are still naked,
but I feel spring.

Willow fronds sway gently,
a lone daffodil sits bowed
at the foot of the oak,
others more sociable,
together, nodding knowingly.

A scattering of crows caw and shuffle,
I feel the breeze
winging my thoughts on a whim
decisions are riding.

The outside is coming in,
cars hoot and toot
wheels spin past
conversations hang.

Time to rise
and rise.

Poetry by shells
Read 570 times
Written on 2016-03-18 at 01:24

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I love the descriptions in this... paints the moment so vividly. I felt like I was the one on the bench observing and contemplating on my surroundings and what's going on there in contrast to what's going on inside. There's a sense of calmness about it even if the outside world can most of the times kill it. Very nice, thanks.

The solace you enjoy is tangible, I particularly live the idea that the daffodils you encounter prefer to be sociable.