Continuation of hidden past participles of a sort, sort of.


Writing it out
Shouting it out
Whispering secrets
under the bed
What's that he said?
Way back before
She was dead
Before time changed
Before the sky fell
And knocked her head
Off kilter.
Her innocence was pilfered
Leaving a hobbled odd sort of girl
Although it was noticed just in an
Alice In Wonderland world.
Falling down that rabbit hole
Swallowing fears, choking back tears
Down, swirling down, drowning
She goes.
Accepting, changing, rearranging
Silently, always pushing away
Reality, the memory, to a place
Where children put the boogiman
And things that come out in the dark
Who play bad things with little ones
In the park when no one is watching.
Oh, those places are full of bellyaches
And nightmares, and wetness in the morning.
Poor babies looking in mirrors and seeing reminders
Fingers of touches of smells and yells and
Such things, as much things, as these.
Then there's nothing left but a child uneasy inside
Beside, outside, all around she acts the clown
Put on that face to erase all pictures drawn by another
On that slate that belong to me.
How could it be, that child was me? But she is. I found her.
When digging up bones.
Those Baby Doll Bones I wrote about,
That I journaled about,
That I thought about,
Which I wrought my world about
When I finally spoke about it, to myself.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-04-25 at 02:06

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France England
And it seems that the trials of life being both sour and bitter can produce such great writers and poets; you are second to none. I learned what it took to produce a diamond, a gem worth more than light years could afford. Pressure lots of pressure and when time let discovery come to grips with what had to be a rainbow of empathy was born. "INTROSPRCTION" speaking for as many too ashamed to take that first step. Many know while so many just can't say at the moment; you give us strength. Thanks for the return, thanks so much. Most respectfully yours, F.E

Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Lovely wordplay and rhymes. It's hard to keep it going in the same vein as you did so well :)

The whole piece is like a falling down the rabbit hole albeit in vivid images and dark colours.

Rob Graber
How upbeat this is for an introspection! I enjoy especially the internal rhymes.