I am missing you, Fiona. 25th May 2016.

Of all the poetry.

Your softest touch
Takes shape;
It lingers with every second
That passes my eyes -
Building colours in my mind.
Your silken words
Creep quietly;
Of all the poetry
you have ever known.
Of all the love
you have ever shown.
And your warmth
Put there by your hand;
Keeps me with comfort
That sits beside me -
And it will never leave.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 1382 times
Written on 2016-05-25 at 23:29

Tags Love  Life 

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Hi John,

A beautiful poem :-)

I've just sent you a private message here; I'm notifying you by email too as I'm not sure whether you log in anymore.

Kathy Lockhart
My Goodness, I'm sighing! How sweetly, romantically beautiful! so smooth and soft and warm like honey; its divine. dripping nectar of love. nothing better than this...

The love is evident here, beautifully so, sigh....

Dam dude this would make anyone ready to do anything you want in bed

Love this

Of all the poetry, there is hopefully more to come from you.