My Dear Poetic

I have just bumped into a publisher, who would want us to collect our poems together for publication.

As we have discussed at the moment, the yet-to-be collected poems will be published in the UK, USA and Nigeria.

Just feel free to comment and we are yet to choose our title. But at the moment, I am likely giving it: Who Wore Our Pants?

We are publishing this book to reach out the needies and those affected by what we don't know.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Onyeka George Nwelue
Founder, Young Poets Association of Nigeria [YOPAN]

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 687 times
Written on 2006-05-09 at 10:44

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Zoya Zaidi
You can count me in; only I think the tiltle should be a little more universal. Have you got the copyright?

Alaina K. Johnson
I want to be a part of it. :D I don't know which one to use.

Mark Reynolds
i am willing to agree, but if you use mine, use the name "Bob" Mark Reynolds

Ola! Count me in! I think it's a very nice idea! Dennis In'kwa (Kenya)

that is wonderful that you got a publisher if you want i can put a poem or two in there and if you want me to i will!!!!!!
amber lynn