Looking back

As young kids we were so naive
Whatever someone told you
You would believe
People grow up and apart
I wish I would have known that from the start
I was always alone
I never fit in
Was always the one picked last in gym
Over the years you see what your old friends have done
Some have succeeded, others have failed
Some have hit the open trail
I look back at that time and wish things could have been better.
Sometimes I wish I could write those people letters
I would say to the bullies
You have not won!!!
I am skinner now and I do not weigh a ton
I have succeeded in life, I am on my second career
What have you done in the past year?
Looking back on my life , it made me who I am
I learned how to take a stand
Looking back, I'm glad I am who I am

Poetry by ternic2005
Read 460 times
Written on 2016-08-22 at 16:01

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David W. Glavin
Expressed as we see and feel it. Very well done. You even make the bullies look back and think :-)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Such a profound lessen that I too learned. You expressed this brilliantly. How many young people dismiss their values to impress others who will in the future mean nothing to them. You took the blows, you took the heat and in the end you won! No crying, no blaming, no giving up. Great lesson here.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
As the deck life gave the cards as they came.
You play them well - no need to be a card sharp
You were - are a learner how to play them same cards rather well
And amongst life lessons - well lernde - she who laughs the last
Laughs the longest ;)