Holding a Sign

Standing on the street corner holding a sign

Please, anything helps even a dime

Dirty body, hair and ragged clothes

Wondering if they will eat today, no one knows

Holding a sign, such a lost soul

What happened to them? Life out of control

Alcohol,Drugs, often the case

Can't find a way to a safe place

Sleeping on the streets, which ally for the night

Back against the wall, ready to fight

Hit rock bottom, with no help in sight

Give themselves to God with all their might

Standing on the street corner holding a sign

Praying for just one person to be kind

Standing on a street corner

Poetry by ternic2005
Read 332 times
Written on 2018-07-03 at 21:49

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I like the way you wrote this with such good rhythm. Many things can drive a person to that state. Living from paycheck to paycheck, anything can happen and next thing you know, you are evicted from your house and the bills need to be paid. One serious illness can do it for some families. Drugs and alcohol also are part of the problem for some. It's a very sad poem on a very avoidable situation if only there was a government with some modicum of compassion. Well done!