A free verse poem of God's test for us.

The Exam of a Lifetime

This test is the most crucial exam by life,
Deciding paths of vileness or virtuousness.

The questionnaire is not always simple,
Unable to form practical comprehension.

Ethics from morality are stunned by emotions,
Summiting answers based on raw wickedness.

Rubber is given to repair the flaws of humanity,
Intended to rectify the mistakes of imperfections.

Righteous answers leads to a higher score,
While evil responses results in decrease points.

Filling in statements that will be rated by God,
People represent the faith of their own destiny.

You can't earn a perfect ranking on the final essay,
Marking errors with a red pen by superior judgement.

A higher power recognizes true forgiveness from sin,
Let the eraser expunge faults of living by wise choices.

When your replies are considered for evaluation,
The creator grades a ruling that decides divineness.

Poetry by Survivor48
Read 870 times
Written on 2016-09-04 at 20:31

Tags Inspirational  Spiritual  Poem 

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