This one was really controversial. It was about my friends, and the teachers at a private school. It's pretty graphic, so don't read if you don't like things like that...the dialogue is very vague I notice, but this is exactly how it happened.

Another Dream (Part 1)

I wake up in my dream and it's four in the morning. I didn't have to leave my dorm and go downstairs to the main hall for four hours. Trying to get comfortable and drift off again, I realized my brain would not rest. Prying myself out of bed, I walked around my dormitory, studying what was there. A neatly organized desk, so unlike what it was in real life, a snoring roommate in the double poster adjacent to mine, and a small sliver of light under the door. This was unusual, even teachers were not up at this time. I went to the door and slowly, sneakily opened it. I saw a huddle of teachers talking in hushed voices, casting shadows across the lit hall. From the back of their heads I could tell that one was Miss Zeger, a very old woman that had been with the school as long as anyone, stern Mr. Stencamp, the English teacher, and Mrs. Dow, the eighth grade history teacher. They were talking very hurriedly, which made me immediately suspicious. I tried to pick up what they were saying to no avail. I decided it would be best to head back to bed when I closed the door...
And heard a piercing scream. I looked at my roommate, but he seemed not to be troubled, making an odd noise and beginning his pattern of snoring once again. I peeked out the door and saw that Miss Zeger had Mr. Stencamp by the stomach, and seemed to be digging her nails so hard into his abdomen that he was now bleeding in five places. She said a final word, then flung him to the ground. He was whimpering, and Mrs. Dow was legitimately disturbed, but did nothing to stop it. Miss Zeger was staring down at Stencamp and I ran to my bed. I could not sleep for the rest of the night.
I remember when I woke up the next day (in the dream) I went down to breakfast and talked to Andy. I told him what I had seen and he told me that he had not been disturbed during the night, yet he had heard rumors that Mr. Stencamp had openly mocked Miss Zeger in his class. This rumor also covered the mysterious dissapearance of Connor (again, in the dream). Andy and I decided to sneak over to the teacher's lounge after classes and see what we could find out.
Seven long hours later, we met up in the main hall once again and set off. We ascended the long, winding staircase that students are never allowed on. Only teachers were allowed to traverse upwards in the school; the students were confined to the ground levels and their dorms. Simply treading on the first step could earn you a demerit; we were now flirting with certain detention.
We finished the stairs without a hitch, and tried to chart where the teacher's lounge was, precisely. Andy and Keenan had previously stolen a map of the school in their first year, but for some reason, we hadn't thought to bring it. We followed another sliver of light beneath a door and pressed our ears to the solid oak. It was a bit muffled, but I remember that we heard the conversation between teachers perfectly.

"...possible resistance doesn't factor into it. The fact is, the boy had gotten several demerits, and proper action was taken," I recognized another teacher, Mr. Cox's deep voice.

"Yeah, but what they did to Connor...Jesus Christ, Bernard. No one deserves that," Mrs. Dow's voice.

"Personally, I think the little bastard got what he deserved. He's always mucking around in my class." Madame Mozu, the Language teacher.

"I'm just glad I got to him first. Little heathen. Heaven is reserved for God-fearing Christians and God-fearing Christians alone," Miss Zeger said.

"Ha! Look at you, Mrs. Sadistic Psycho-bitch! Stencamp is in the Hospital Wing because of you. God-fearing Christian my ass," Mr. Penten chuckled. He's the Gifted Resource teacher. Really nice guy, even though he's a bit of a dick in this dream.

We broke away at this, and snuck down the hall. We went up to Andy's dorm and talked about it for about four hours, then I went to mine to start my homework. We arranged to meet sharply at twelve that night. I was slaving over some Algebra when I glanced at the clock. Seeing that it was 11:45, I threw my nightrobe on, and walked out the door. I had previously noted that my roommate had not yet come in. Andy and I met in the Lower Hall, which was already shrouded by darkness.

Andy sighed with no apparent purpose, and told me that he invited Keenan to come too.
Keenan showed up about fifteen minutes later, explaining that he had gotten detention and had to scrub Mr. Cox's filthy shoes.
Laughing at his plight, we left shortly afterward.


En route to the Teacher's Lounge, we passed through the Basement, where they taught Technology. This was necessary, because we handled several chemicals that would permeate through the entire school if not isolated. We also tested model rockets here, I remember. But anyway, we passed through the Basement, but about halfway through, I remember I knocked over a box of rocket parts.

"Nice one, dipshit," Keenan and Andy said almost simultaneously.

We waited in the quiet dark for several moments, but all remained so, quiet and desolate. We started moving again, but all of the sudden, we heard a loud groan coming from a crate.

"Oh man..." Keenan said.

We walked over to the crate to find it closed. We lifted the lid, and saw a terrible sight, though in this nonsensical dream, no one screamed. In the crate was Connor in a pool of stagnant blood. He had been there for a while. There were open wounds on his face, and visible blue veins pulsed weakly within them. We slowly pulled him out of the crate.

"Agh! Not again!" Connor said.

"Quiet Connor. We're not here to hurt you," Keenan said.

"They ripped out my nerve endings...there's no pain...but I still hurt...oh yes...hurt me..." Connor was clearly delirious.

"The war's on again..." Andy said.

"What are you talking about?" I said.

"The war between teachers and students," Keenan finished.

"No longer the juvenile offense of rulers and pencils," Andy began once more.

"You're suggesting a revolt?" Connor said, slowly regaining sense.

"Precisely," someone said (I don't remember if it was Keenan or Andy.)

"Then the place to start would be the Teacher's Lounge," I said.

"Let's get Connor up to the hospital wing first," Keenan said.

"NO! Don't you understand? They're all in it together! All of the teachers. That must be what the teachers were talking about earlier. Connor had gotten demerits, so they ripped his face. If we take him up to the hospital wing, they'll know we've found him and we'll all be targets," Andy said.

"Then what do we do? I'm gonna die..." Connor moaned.

"He's right, we've got to take him somewhere," I said.

"Right. That's why we go to an outside hospital. Somewhere safe and secure."

"And you won't get the chance to do that," a voice said.

We all spun around. Miss Zeger was standing there.

TO BE CONTINUED (A very long dream indeed)

Short story by Lucas
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Written on 2006-05-16 at 00:36

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Have you ever considered writing a book? I think it's a gift to be able to remember your dreams so well... I forget mine the moment I wake up!

Wow. You have very disturbing dreams.

(Can't wait to read the rest! It's like a new book or something!!!)

well it makes all my nightmares sound pretty good in comparison... :)) held my interest as i read it all the way through, good writing... but was sort of disappointed with the leave-em-hanging ending...