A Through Z

let's go to a place where there are
Arabian moose,
Botswanian bears,
Canadian penguins,
Danish boa constrictors,
Ethiopian kangaroos,
Finnish koalas,
Guatemalan giraffes,
Hungarian tigers,
Indian zebras,
Japanese elephants,
Kenyan polar bears,
Lithuanian sharks,
Mexican caribou,
Nicaraguan panthers,
Omanian raccoons,
Polish flamingos,
Qatarian seals,
Russian jaguars,
Serbian puffins,
Thai caimans,
Ukrainian walruses,
Vietnamese octopi,
Western Saharian wolves,
X (Oh no! There aren't any countries that start with X!)
Yemenian wolverines,
Zambian porpoises,
oh, wait... i've already been there. It would probably be my own mind.

Poetry by kata
Read 1260 times
Written on 2006-04-26 at 02:10

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Good one!
Just wondering why the Aussie neighbours didn't get a mention. It might have wrecked the poem - come to think of it. LOL

Christian Ward
I enjoyed reading this

Haha, I like the Finnish koalas and the Arabian moose and the Kenyan polar bears. And the lithuanian sharks. Teehee! :D

wow!! that ethiopian kangaroos is genius!! whoever thought of that, they're going STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!
Lol. i love it!! it's out there and fabulous-o!

enjoyed it!!