They know and they don't. Or maybe it's just that they know and they don't want to acknowledge it. I can't read people as well as I used to. Maybe it's because they've changed. Or maybe I've changed. I just don't really debate it though. I mean, I don't really debate anything.
I can't.
I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore. I see no reason for it to vex me. I've probably just completely checked out.

I had a fish named Cacophony once; and his irony was tragically beautiful.

But I don't really know where I've been.
Maybe that's what keeps me going in this circle.

Words by kata
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Written on 2013-04-12 at 16:30

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Commentally Ill
ooh, a hula hoop. *picks up your circular poem and spins it on wrist* i always did have fun with these. :)

So interesting this one... Maybe it's just me, but it seems to be a perfect mix of serious and satire. It's subtle and stirring in a way that's hard to explain. I enjoyed the reading.

ps. I've probably just completely checked out too. Oh, well. ;)