Who writes out my life?
Is it myself? Is it God? Is it the Fates? Is it some other third-party entity that I don't know about?
I just keep going with the motions; knowing nothing, doing nothing, being nothing. And it seems like it's all for nothing.
I had a cat once. His name was Jonah. And when he passed, so did my sense of self.
Have I been this blank all along? Or am I just reading into this too much? I care... but then again, maybe I don't. Or maybe it's just that no one else cares. I don't know. Maybe this is what keeps me up every night, maybe it's not. I can't differentiate between dream and reality anymore anyway, so I just don't even debate it.
I don't debate anything.
I can't.

Words by kata
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Written on 2012-12-14 at 01:10

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M Heathcote
A powerful introspective piece of writing, I liked it a lot. Such honesty but emotionally tempered to very good effect. ;-)