I wrote this a while back...Kata's a ravenous beast.

Verse of Life

What once was,
Now is past,
What was the start,
Now is last.

Merciful, Merciful Mother,
Sunday, next Monday,
Massacre on Tuesday,
Party on Wednesday.

Prophecies of destruction,
From Mother, Merciful Mother,
Called up for the war,
Forced to kill your own brother.

Lights out,
Muzzle flash,
You've got
All the light you need
When you're dead.

Guns and drugs in school,
We hide behind our friends,
Blame them for your wrongs,
Then kill their spirits when they're weak.

Destroy your life,
Mindless carnage over the sea,
Nuclear threats,
Everyone seems to love us.

None of it matters,
To a depressed teen,
Alone in his room,
Cutting a slice of life.

From his arm,
Rend the veins,
Permanent brain drain,
Suicide is painless,
Painless, but POINTLESS.

Labeled in life,
Labeled in death,
A nerd, a dork,
He doesn't matter to anyone.

He looks ahead,
Eyes of stone,
In a concrete jungle,
Or a prison of bricks.

His name,
It kills,
It maims,
All who merely speak of him,
Nothing is right anymore.

My verse, my verse,
My writing goes beyond the words,
And explores instead occurrences,
Of everyday life.

It ignites a fire inside,
To stand up and do something,
Forget government,
Fuck society,
FORGET Reality

Do something creative,
No one expects it,
No one forgets it.

Mayhem isn't the answer.

Writ a story, write a book,
Write your life.

And by the time all is done,
You will be spared,
From an eternity,
Of being part of the mindless droves,
That respect corruption,
Scandal, compromise, corporate greed,
Racial ignorance,
And most of all,
American Government.

Hide behind the first like cowards,
The Klan, the Swastika,
But they'll be destroyed in the end.

Don't plead the Fifth,
You did it, you spoke for yourself,
Keep your head high,
Don't be ashamed.

Because you went out,
And you did it,
And when you do it,
Rest assured,
No one forgets it.

Poetry by Lucas
Read 1144 times
Written on 2006-05-11 at 18:44

Tags Suicide  Life  New 

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Wow. That was really deep. Its funny when you start writing and then all your feelings on the sudject slip out into your writing. It really intensifies it.

Damn. I keep forgetting to rate.

Wow. That was really powerful. I think it touched on a lot of different points in the world today. It's really good. Wow. I was going to copy and paste the part I liked the most but when I read it through again, I couldn't decide! The entire poem is sooo good, and I think there's a character limit in the comment box...
Wow. That's bookmark worthy.

Amanda Manmohan
This is probably one of the only long poems that I've read on this site, because it held my interest throughout. It's nice to see a fellow teenager write so passionately for change in society, even if we are mocked for it. It sucks that the world is so screwed up but we can change if we unlearn all of our messed up ways. Bravo!

Zoya Zaidi
Very well written. Very well thought out. Yes,this the reality of life, this is what it is like. Just do your own thing. You arr bound to be taken notice of. ou will make a difference one day!
Bravo! Lucas dear,
xxx, Zoya