I wrote this for a History paper...I think it's pretty good.

Possible Intro to Political Novel

Tick, tick, tick, tick...

As President McCarver sat at his desk, he listened to the dull, humdrum ticking of the massive grandfather clock placed at the left side of his office. Before him lay another bland, heartless proposal of tax benefits that he couldn't quite bring himself to sign or reject.
So there he sat, listening and drumming his fingers on the heavily veneered oak at which he sat. Slowly, his muscular arm reached for the ink pen in its coaster. He made three sharp dips of ink, watching the excess droplets hang to the end of his pen for a brief moment, falling back into the inkwell sluggishly the next.

Drip, drip, drip...

Ready for its task, his pen was suspended in the air hesitantly by his quivering hand. It inched closer, ever closer to its target, a small legal document lying on the President's desk.

Short story by Lucas
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Written on 2006-05-11 at 21:42

Tags Politics 

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Painful Profits
dude, you gotta continue it a bit more for it to make much sense, but your right, it is good!