About a gal i have come to like...about a question i need answered...but cant ask!

Point of connection

I cant see her clearly
because its a bit hazy,
So I cant really tell..
whether she is lazy or just crazy.
So then the question becomes..
Can we connect?

Now its begining to clear,
this fog that was heavy.
And i can tell..
she stands out from the bevy
Deep interesting tasty like gravy..
I start to feel the connection

Its almost clear now,
Only the thin mist presides.
And i can tell..
We can be, if she decides
So she ponders across the two divides
To connect or not to connect?

Now its clear,
No haze,no fogs, no mists.
And I can tell...
from the bends , the straights and the twists
Where my mind is saying No, my heart insists
Insists that we are correct,
If we both feel we,can connect.
Can we?

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 571 times
Written on 2006-05-13 at 10:23

Tags Lifey 

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