Happy Mother's day from me, suckas! It's going to be fluffed out later for a more explanatory read, but I figured I should hurry up and get it submitted so it doesn't become a stale topic.

Children's Day

I'm sorry to tell you, but when your mother and father gave you the disjointed answer of "every day is Children's Day," they were lying. Children's Day once existed, celebrated on the day Mother's Day is now. In those days, only Father's Day was celebrated.
It started with a small girl named Chasey. She, fed up with getting allowance only once a week, thought it best to have parents designate a special day for children worldwide. And so it started. In Chasey's small town, every year come May 14th, all children would receive a dollar. Which, in the days of which I am speaking, was considered a large sum of money. But through word of mouth and post, it spread. Soon, everyone was celebrating Children's Day worldwide, and all was well, until a small boy named Dylan asked for more.
"Mommy, this year I want a bicycle for Children's day."
And so it was done. Soon, every parent was giving out larger gifts on Children's Day, until finally it became unbearable. When children started asking for dangerous things, such as rifles and planes, most parents resigned from celebrating.
But there were those that did not.
The Barons and the Dukes and the Dutchesses still showered their children with gifts every May 14th, and when their sons and daughters asked for firearms, they gladly gave them such. And when they asked for enough firearms to start a large army, they gladly gave them such. It was then that every child in the world banded together and formed the Youth Militia.
Their word was law under their new gestapo-like rule, and soon teachers were out of business due to threats against their well-being. Every child exercised their power, even against their own parents who had given them these means to begin with. There were no chores. There was no homework. There were no scraped knees, for the children had something better than playing hard. Complete and utter power. The world was turned into a violent Utopia for children.
The Dukes and Dutchesses, horrified at what they had started, attempted to take back what they had done, but it was too late. The innocent idea of Children's Day had turned into a bloody battle, and the children, now with sufficient military means of their own, created nuclear fire. The entire world was threatened, and in the tiny, uncontrollable minds of children, human life might have ended then and there, if not for the Legion.
A small Legion of fallen mothers (mothers that had their husbands taken away by the Youth Militia) formed an army of their own to start the quickly rising juvenile threat.
The first day the two factions were to fight, the mothers showed up in force, perhaps twenty of them. They were facing at least eighty thousand children, an eighth of the full strength of the new world power. In a matter of twenty minutes, battle preparations were ready.
The children charged. The mothers held their ground. Not a single shot was fired from the mothers, they simply shouted reasoning to the oncoming horde of children. And as the mothers talked, remembrance of how things used to be deluded over the children like a great wave.
They dropped their weapons. There were no injuries, and their were no casualties. The most secret and potentially disastrous war of all time burned itself out in twenty minutes, all thanks to a score of women who wanted their family back. All the fathers of the world were returned, and children were back in school and living their lives normally within a week.
Your parents have kept it from you, no doubt, to stop any such conflict from happening again. And the reason Mother's Day is celebrated today is in honor of the mothers that stopped the danger of the war with words, not bullets. They remain the greatest heroes of all time.

Short story by Lucas
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Written on 2006-05-15 at 19:36

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