Remembering the past...
Painting the future...


I stare at what is before me,
a blank and empty page,
if it doesn't hurry and get filled up,
I'll be stuck here for days and days.

I know I started writing,
at the age of two,
I wrote a story about a bear,
forever dyed blue.

I wrote a story about ducks and geese,
and pieces of playground lore,
but now I'm forced to ask myself,
why I can't write that well anymore!

Poetry by Lucas
Read 1003 times
Written on 2006-05-14 at 04:45

Tags Writing  Childhood 

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i agree. but i've never been very good at writing anyway!!

i can *so* relate to that feeling, of not being able to write like i used to be able to write. i always think i've lost it, and when i do write something decent i feel it's a fluke, so i hear you. good job putting the feeling to words. :)