Another song...
This one's very aggressive...
Could be regarded as a redneck song...
My hatred for the teacher of the class I wrote this in shows through in it...
No, I'm not a stoner...
Or a drunk...
But this guy sure as hell is...

Slave to Narcotics

Therapeutic pills running through my veins,
another kind o' pill screwing with my brain,
pass it, hell no, I'm takin' it all,
I throw a riot every time it is last call.

Happy hour is my favorite time of day,
you'll know I'm trouble when you see me walk with a sway...

(Chorus) I'm a,
Slave to Narcotics,
and I'm proud of it,
I'm at the bottom of
my self-dug moral pit.
I'm a,
Slave to Narcotics,
and I'm proud of it,
don't try to change my ways,
'cuz I don't give a shit.

I don't know much about your problems,
nor do I care,
I'm the guy you see fixed,
with that creepy old stare.

Don't try to confront me,
'cuz I'm f'ing insane,
when you're playing it straight,
I'm playing a whole other game.

(Chorus)I'm a,
slave to narcotics,
and it's a great old life,
I'm a braggart and a fiend,
and I'm killer with a knife.
I'm a,
slave to narcotics,
every hit gets me closer,
and farther away,
from taking the drugs I'm supposed-ta.

Poetry by Lucas
Read 1008 times
Written on 2006-05-14 at 05:06

Tags Drugs 

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I strongly disagree with Troll here.

You pin- pointed it. But luckily, there's always room for surprises.

I HATE HER!!! soooo much!!! grrr.
"I had a friend who knew somebody who was sitting on a picnic table during a storm and was hit by thunder." OH WHAT A SHAME!!!!
Good job!!!

it sounds almost like a judgment of everyone who does drugs. and i believe you cannot judge a person by the situation they are in. some really good people get in really bad messes; that's part of being human. my favorite people are the humble ones, and they're usually the ones with a flaw that's easy to point out.

that aside, maybe the teacher is a jerk, i really wouldn't know. but it feels judgmental... as you said, aggressive... it's like you're stereotyping every person that's had drug problems, and i really hope you aren't doing that. because you will close yourself off to a lot of life experiences and a lot of lessons learned, a wealth of wisdom lies in those who have overcome such obstacles.

no disrespect. just the honest reaction i have to it. maybe you're talking about a mindset, and not a set of behaviors. i don't know. anyways, the writing is very catchy... and i'll bet it's got a heck of a tune. best wishes...


Wow... very depressing but really good anyway!!!! Have you ever considered being a song writer for a career?