dedicated to my nephew David and in memory of his wife, Kim, daugther Jill, and son Brad. Our nightmare began September 28, 2000. David is living in prison as an innocent man. His family was murdered by Charles Darnell Boney a convicted felon.

Innocent Victims Have Different Faces

Do not believe what you hear in the news.
Do not listen to the ramblings of fools.
Do not watch the pictures they post.
Do not succumb to the frenzy ghost.

Ratings and money are what is real.
From many families the powerful steal.
They offer their own souls and yours as well,
To get a headline and more papers to sell.

Lies are truths to those unaware.
And truths are lies for those who don't care.
Point a finger at one, who is a suspect,
He will die with a noose around his neck.

Every day innocent people are put away.
Locked in prison, they are made to pay
For other's deceit, lies, and murderous rage
Each day of their life is time in a cage.

Police, prosecutors, judges too
Are people who are fallible just like me and you.
They hold no perfection of getting it right
Many are tainted; they love only the fight.

The hunger for power is ravenous and mean,
Gouging and growling and making a scene,
It rips off the flesh of the face of truth,
Venomously gorging with each demon tooth.

Truth gets buried on any day.
No one attends the wake anyway.
We just sit back and let justice "mavens"
Tell us we all now live in safe havens.

They smile and slap each other on the back
Saying, "we did it again; we got him sacked."
But outside the demon still plays
Attacking our loved ones each and every day.

Innocence victims have different faces.
Some are recognized in many places
Some are hidden behind locked doors,
Lying prostrate on prison floors...

Left to die and suffer shame
So other's can live with power, money, and fame
Election day can be Satan's tool
Caste your vote but be careful of fools,

'Cause you are not exempt from injustice friend,
If they need you to be a ways to the end,
You may find yourself sitting and wondering why
Your life is over in the twinkling of an eye

Be very careful with the judgments you make
For there are those who rape, murder and manipulate
The truth until it's buried deep under malicious lies
Hiding it forever from Lady Justices' eyes.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 682 times
Written on 2006-05-14 at 15:21

Tags Injustice  Murder  Prison 

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so true. just because there's a theory about it doesn't mean it's not really a conspiracy :)) flawless rhyme, and a good message. well done.


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey kathy this is such a powerful poem and an expose of justice well done for putting down rgds

true Kathy so always you dillivered a good piece of poetry,,,hus Eddy