Green is greeeeeeeeeen...


it's my color,
don't need another,
Oh! I apologize,
brain freeze,
ma'am could you repeat that question please?
Cold like tonic,
words hypnotic,
Don't talk to me,
I'm too busy being alone,
please don't ask me to take me home,
I'm bad news,
shut your doors,
shut your gates,
I'll feed your innocence to the devil,
on a plate, ornate,
change up your style,
infuse it with heart,
I need the key to my brain,
to get it to start,
the doctor says sex,
you say absolutely,
you're "hilarious" but you're not,
mind rot,
join the bloody fray,
shit, I said that a while back,
on another point,
where I thought of something to write,
hit the lights...
now it's...
that's a pretty good color too,
same with purple,
not blue,
never liked that one,
and you'll all be sad,
'cuz this poem is done,

Poetry by Lucas
Read 876 times
Written on 2006-05-16 at 20:37

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nothing beats green but a bright yellow or a royal blue! lol!

playful and rhythmic..... joy to read heh heh!

you should RAP that!! that'd be sweet!!! i this one because you keep reading it with this cool rhythm and then... it's really cool!

Pamela A Lamppa
Had to take a look as Green truly is my favorite color. However, I found this to be quite unique, in fact, very green. I loved the way it just trickeled out in thought after thought. Very enjoyable. Definately worth stopping on. Thank you for sharing this. ~Pam