Growing up

The days have gone by,
the ink has dried up.
Like the wine that has matured,
I stride more confidently through life.

I deal with my sorrows and brush away my tears,
I no longer need a shoulder to cry on.
I stumble and laugh at myself,
regain my posture and continue on my way.
If I fall, I carefully get up, making sure there is no damage.
If I catch others staring, I smile and walk past.
If I want something, I do not think twice about asking.

My hair is longer as well,
I used to keep it very short previously.
I feel different, calmer somehow with an acceptance that sometimes baffles me.
I no longer fight for things that I know are pointless.
Old loves, I bade them farewell a long time ago,
they move my heart no more.
Occasionally though, I would recall a nice gesture from one or the other,
and realize that there were many things I took for granted.

I have come to accept and love myself,
the small things that please me.
I finally realize that there will never be someone to love and understand me,
as much as I can love and indulge myself.

I write less and less,
perhaps destiny is writing in my place,
the well defined lines on my face,
tales of laughter and tears,
So that I can say that I lived incredible moments each time I watch myself in the mirror,
and know that I am still living.

Poetry by myst_ery
Read 277 times
Written on 2017-08-04 at 18:52

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
A very evocative poem full of self reflection and imagery.