Today is all about you and I seem to be in a tearing hurry to fill pages and pour it all out- here and now.. August and Us. Picking up again today


Is all about you
As I revisit the chapters
Of force, motion and energy
The momentum of our togetherness

Is about that day
When we sat discovering
the electromagnetism
Setting out to make our laws of thermodynamics

The vectors in our spaces
Moving to each other
Across inches and miles
They know our moves

The waves of our energy
Ride crest over crest
Resonant and synergistic
Breathing happiness in
Each of our exhale and inhale

Yes, that's us
Next time I say I miss you
I d say with happiness
I am so happy to know
That I miss you
Yes, I am restless about some matters
Of action
But that's me!
In my missing you
I am restless to know
If you are missing me too
At this very moment and now

There is no way of unknowing
So why I want the revision of my knowledge
When there is always palpable awareness
This throbbing in me
The rains outside
The sun outside
The leaves and the grass
Reassure me
I am letting the wind carry my laments
And complaints

When we understand the physics so well
Let the chemistry be
Missing in action.
I d sing your songs
And remember your words
And dedicate myself
To not remembrance
But service
That is action.

Poetry by Deeps
Read 254 times
Written on 2017-08-24 at 17:00

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Who said that romance and science don't mix?
This is full of sensual energy. A pleasure to read!