These 3 words got triggered because i ve something to say to you. otherwise i was quite happy immersed. now i am at the surface & have to swim to the shore & i need company. i am in no mood to do it alone. so i d wait but not wait. i'd remain effortlessl

The Three words

The three words
that i want to say to you
I miss you

i am missing you bad.
this time
it looks to me
that i am missing you
like how
i have never missed you like this before

this is plain and simple
i am missing you.
even if i am quiet and patient about missing you
it doesn't take away the fact that
i am missing you

and i realize
i am missing you

And all this coming from a person
who never believed in miss you's
or who would never accept
miss you's
but today i do
and i want to say it
with all my might
I Miss you.

(i'd remain effortlessly afloat for i know you"d be back in action soon. But even if you'd want to take me deeper into waters, i d insist on swimming back to the shore )

Poetry by Deeps
Read 417 times
Written on 2018-05-04 at 09:53

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